Cat toys for indoor cats

The best interactive cat toys for indoor cats left home alone and bored

Cats might not have earned the same reputation that dogs have, but there’s no denying that they are lovable creatures! Any cat owner will agree with the sentiment. Hence, why it is crucial you get the best cat toys for indoor cats possible.

Housecats are generally safer from harm compared to their feral counterparts, but they are often in greater danger of both underactivity and obesity.

It’s easy to see why— after all, they do not get to practice their hunting skills since they only need to wait for you to refill their feeding bowls!

Moreover, let’s not forget that they don’t have to run away from predators like their outdoor counterparts.

So what should you do in order to solve these problems?

It’s actually quite simple: provide them with the appropriate cat toys for indoor cats and implement the proper rules!

Exercise is essential for all living creatures—felines are no exception to the rule.

It is vital for both their mental and physical wellbeing.

These animals might be rumored to have a total of nine lives, but don’t forget that this has yet to be confirmed!

The best we can do at the moment is to ensure that they lead the best life we can possibly give them.

Where to start...

Why your cat need exercise

We have listed reasons to provide cat toys for indoor cats and encourage exercise for your feline below.

Read them and see why such products are great investments for both you and your pet!

Relieves them of boredom and stress

When you have nothing to do, don’t you feel like you’re going to go out of your mind?

It is the same for your pets! They no longer need to hunt or run away from predators, so what can they do?

If you don’t provide them with any forms of amusement, they will likely sleep the hours away day after day.

It can also affect their disposition negatively.

Therefore, it is important to give them something to do to reduce both physical and mental impairments.

Builds muscle tone

Like humans, felines will greatly benefit from regular exercise. Why is that, you might be wondering.

This will ensure that they have ample muscle tone to reach higher altitudes, build immunity to certain conditions, and prevent accidents of any form!

We would all love for our pets to live a long, healthy life, don’t we?

Reduce behavioral issues

Cat toys for indoor cats

While humans might have successfully domesticated felines thousands of years ago, they still have natural instincts that are deeply embedded in their DNA.

Like their bigger cousins, they will have the urge to scratch and bite.

If you don’t provide them with the best toys for cats home alone for these impulses, they will likely turn to whatever is available to them.

That means furniture and clothing! Unless you wish to have scratches on your tables and tears on your draperies, it is imperative to give them the best cat toys for indoor cats.

Types of kitty toys

Now that you understand why it is important to give your pets something to do, let’s look at the best cat toys for indoor cats available in the market.

This is important before you head out to the physical or online market.

Not only will it save you a lot of time and effort, it will also allow you to look for something that will be perfect for your feline friend!

Ball Toys

We know from cartoons that house pets are generally attracted to balls.

Rolling the ball across the floor is highly similar to the scampering movement made by prey animals.

This then triggers your pet’s predator tendencies and they will run after the spherical toy!

For an added bonus, why not insert treats into the ball so that they will be rewarded for playing?

Don’t forget, however, that they will usually land under pieces of furniture so you will occasionally have to fetch it from there.

These are the best cat toys for lazy cats if you want to try to stimulate them.

Wand Toys

A wand toy is basically just a stick that has a string or ribbon attached to it.

Feel free to wave, circle, and flutter it around for your pet! The secret here is that it looks and behaves similarly to insects or other smaller prey animals.

There is usually something attached to the end of the plastic, wire, or wood for maximum entertainment.

Some will come with a fake mouse, bells, or feathers.

What’s so great about this product is that you will not risk getting scratched by your pet.

Food-Dispensing Toys

There are plenty of people who allow their pets full freedom to access food whenever they want.

These kinds of toys are particularly popular with busy pet parents. Food-dispensing products often require the pet to work in some way to get the treats.

This is great for their mind and it also satisfies their hunting instincts.

However, there is a downside to these products: it might lead to obesity for kitties with self-control problems!

Activity Toys

cat toys for indoor cats

This is a broader category of toys— the name generally applies to anything that will make kitties want to engage in play and physical activity!

This includes motion toys, kicker toys, cardboard scratchers, play tents, and rotating teaser toys.

There’s going to be something for your feline friend under this category, that much is sure.

There are a lot of other cat toys for indoor cats on the market, considering the fast pace at which technology develops.

However, these four are the general types.

It might not be all-encompassing, but it should give you a general idea of what the available offerings are like.

Similarly, don’t forget that these types are not mutually exclusive and that they sometimes overlap with each other.

On the other hand, we purposely refrained from including lasers, as this has been determined to be harmful to your fur baby!

Guidelines for Playing

While it is important they are having fun, it is also your responsibility to keep them safe and healthy.

Keep these things in mind in order to maximize the safety and enjoyment of your housecat.

The Do’s

cat toys for smart cats

Let us first begin with the things that you should do. This will help you have an idea of what play time should be like.

Follow these rules and you should be fine.

Let your feline friend set the pace. It would be nice if you can provide different kinds of toys so that you can figure out the preference of your pet.

This will help you establish the style of playing your pet likes best.

Kittens, especially younger ones, have a tendency to get overexcited.

When this happens, they will likely redirect their energy to you or other animals!

Encourage it, but always cut it off whenever it is too rough. Let them rest for a little while so that they can calm down.

When playing with your pet, it is important that it is conducted in a place your pet is both secure and free from distractions.

Refrain from using sharp objects to entertain your pet!

imilarly, you should avoid playing in an area where there are things like paper clips, plastic bags, and rubber bands. 

These all pose a danger to your pets.

Supervise whenever you possibly could! This will help avoid choking hazards and other harmful incidents that could be detrimental to your feline.

The Don’ts

Now let us talk about the things you should avoid when initiating playtime with your feline friend.

Don’t be surprised if your kitty ends up biting the toy. This is perfectly normal behavior for such an animal.

However, it is your duty as the pet owner to discourage them from biting humans while they are kittens.

It is for this reason that you might want to avoid using toys that require you to wear mittens or gloves!

Laser lights might be one of the most famous toys for your pets, but avoid using them!

Your pet might get frustrated because they can never get the tiny little dot.

cat toys for smart cats

Encourage them by using a toy that they can actually grab and bite! The mere act of getting the toy is its own reward for them.

If you have multiple kitties, don’t neglect to give each one attention and the opportunity to play.

This will require more effort, especially as you might have to split them up in different rooms while you individually tend to their needs.

As much as possible, avoid ending the game abruptly. Who loves being interrupted while in the middle of having fun?

No one, that’s who. This is especially true if their energy levels were just beginning to climb!

It is important to wind down towards the end so that there can be a cool-down period for your pet.

Don’t forget to clear the play area of any sharp objects!

A secure space will be better, especially if you plan on leaving your pets alone without supervision for a long period of time. 

This way, you would not have to constantly worry about their wellbeing.

Factors to Consider

Before we proceed to the actual products, let us first talk about some important things that you need to keep in mind when shopping for cat toys for indoor cats.

Many of these considerations should be taken into account when buying anything for your pet!

Being aware of the following will help you choose the perfect item to take home to your pet.


This is a key factor when choosing the toy. Inspect your pet or better yet, consider a veterinarian!

Assess if your kitty is overweight, normal, or underweight. 

This will determine the amount and kind of exercise that your pet requires.

In turn, the knowledge you obtain from the evaluation will let you know the kind of toy you should buy.


Similarly, you need to know how old your pet is. Kittens will likely have more energy than their older counterparts!

Take this into account so that they will not have to redirect the excess energy elsewhere if the toy does not satisfy them.

They will usually require accessories or products that involve more action.

Older pets, meanwhile, might have a difficult time using any kind of toy that requires a high level of energy.


Let’s face it— our pets are like humans in the sense that they have their own set of quirks and behavioral patterns.

This is more applicable for older ones, but this will also be useful if you are observant with your kitten.

Take note of their preferences when it comes to playtime.

cat toys for indoor cats

Doing so will ensure that you find something that they will not get easily bored with. 

Buying cat toys for smart cats is a different endeavor from purchasing the best cat toys for bored cats.

When we pick out gifts for our loved ones, we always consider their interests and preferences—the same goes for our pets!

Other conditions

Sometimes, pets are born with natural impairments that limit the use of their senses.

Occasionally, such disabilities are borne out of accidents and even fights with other ones.

You need to be able to address such issues so that they can have a good time using the toy.

For example, if you have a partially blind kitty, it would be better to get a toy in a bright color.

Trust us when we say that such accommodations will make your pet’s life a lot easier.

Amount of space

Aside from the characteristics and qualities of your pet, don’t forget to consider the space!

You might have found a toy that you are certain your feline friend will like.

However, it will basically be useless if you can’t set it up due to spatial constraints!

Be realistic about your decisions so that you will not waste your money, time, and effort.


This might not be an issue for some people, but it can be a deal breaker for others.

A lot of thought usually goes into designing pet toys. 

However, the scheme might differ completely from the way you decorated your place!

This can mean that the shape, color, or pattern of the product is not in line with the way you originally designed your home.

This aspect is certainly something worth considering if you value the physical harmony of your living space.

cat toys for indoor cats

A lot of humans have allergies. Did you know that felines can develop allergies as well?

It’s true! For this reason, it is important to always check the material used to create the product.

You would not want to take your pet to the vet, do you?

Find something that will not irritate you, your household members, and your pets. 

This factor can also determine the longevity of the product—as much as possible, stick to durable and high-quality materials to get the best bang for your buck.


If only we had the luxury to purchase anything we want, regardless of how much it could possibly cost!

Sadly, that’s not the case – for most of us, it is important to consider the price tag on the product before we buy it.

While we may love our feline friends very much, it is important to stick to a budget you set before going out shopping.

It is not true that more expensive products are necessarily better quality.

With thorough research, you should be able to find a great product that is within your desired price range.

It might sound complex to find something that will meet everything you require of it.

However, don’t fret! In reality, most of these are already ingrained in your brain.

Don’t think too much about it— you don’t actually need to have a technical checklist for this. 

As long as you have a rough idea of the product you want, you should be good to go shopping for a gift for your feline friend.

The Best Products in the Market

We know that you are a busy person. Sometimes, even if you want to comb through the market to look for great products, there is simply too much to do.

Don’t worry, we have your back. For your ultimate convenience, we have compiled a list of the best cat toys for indoor cats in the market for you!

Take a look below and you will probably see something to your liking.

Best cat toys for indoor cats: Amazing Treat Maze & Puzzle Feeder

Features and Specs

  • Assembled dimensions: 14” L x 9” W x 3.5” H
  • Material: reinforced cardboard
  • Metal-free inks
  • arrow-right
    Three difficulty levels
  • arrow-right
    Smart design
  • arrow-right
    Additional bonus level to be unlocked

This product from Cat Amazing is simply delightful. We bet you will enjoy watching your pet play every single time. It is an interactive toy, which means it will give your pet full stimulation that will keep them occupied for hours on end.

Namely, it’s going to be an instant hit for both groups of humans and felines! The likelihood is high that you yourself will be tempted to have a go yourself.

Cat Amazing is an innovative new company in the market at the moment. The company is a fresh new face in a saturated market.

 The innovative toy is their trademark product and it is, in fact, the only product that they offer at the moment.

Nonetheless, we can see why it is one of the best cat toys for indoor cats in the market right now. Read on to see what makes customers love the product so much.


There are three various levels to choose from, with a bonus level on top of that.

  • It has been made using recycled materials.
  • It is environment-friendly.
  • The toy can keep your pet occupied for hours!
  • plus
    It will help regulate your pet’s digestive habits and weight management.
  • plus
    The product is simple and straightforward.
  • plus
    It will be easy to place the product in any corner of your home without it interfering with the aesthetic harmony.
  • The cardboard material can wear off after a long time of usage.
  • You will need to constantly keep treats on hand if you want your pet to play with it regularly.
  • The price might seem a little high for the materials used.


This is definitely one of the greatest cat toys for smart cats! It is simple but brilliant— you might even begin to wonder why you didn’t invent this genius product yourself.

It is a great way to entertain and feed your pet at the same time.

Unlike other food-dispensing toys, this requires a fair amount of physical exercise so you can rest assured that your pet is safe from the dangers of inactivity and obesity! 

We can’t imagine a better way to simultaneously keep your feline friend both healthy and entertained.

Interactive cat Toys: Upsimples 10 Pieces

Features and Specs:

  • Dimensions: 15.2” L x 3.5” W x 1.3” H
  • Shipping weight: 3.2 oz.
  • Cat teaser wand complete with dangling fish
  • arrow-right
    Catnip pillow
  • arrow-right
    Two crinkle balls
  • arrow-right
    Four colorful feather mice
  • arrow-right
    Interactive teaser ball
  • arrow-right
    Fluffy mouse in spherical cage

Here is a simple but foolproof way to keep your pet occupied.

Gone are the days when you have to buy multiple similar toys for your pet’s amusement. 

This wand toy collection offers plenty of options in a single package!

The colorful nature of the product will definitely attract the attention of your pet. It is also extremely pleasant to look at.

The product comes from upsimples, a store that formerly went by the name GDPet.

They don’t actually specialize in cat toys for indoor cats – or at the very least, not anymore.

They offer everything from water purifiers to children’s clothing!

Despite the variety in the products that they have, you can be sure that everything they have for sale are aesthetically pleasing, chic, and reasonably priced.

Let us now take a closer look at the cat teaser wand that they have.

upsimples Cat Toys 10 Pieces Including Cat Teaser Wand Interactive Feather Toy Fluffy Mouse Mylar Crinkle Balls Catnip Pillow for Kitten Kitty
  • plus
    The product offers a wide variety of toys.
  • It is an excellent product regardless of the number of kitties you have in your home.
  • The collection is reasonably priced.
  • plus
    You will not have to regularly fetch toys from under the couch as your pet has a lot of options.
  • plus
    It saves you the hassle of individually buying the items included in the collection.
  • plus
    The colorful nature of the accessories will definitely get your kitties’ attention.
  • plus
    If you own multiple kittens, they will no longer have to compete with each other for a single toy.
  • plus
    If you own multiple kittens, they will no longer have to compete with each other for a single toy.

  • The small size of the accessories put them at risk of displacement.
  • The wand toy has been reported to break easily.
  • There are some safety hazards that might not make it ideal for unsupervised play.
  • minus
    Some customers report that the materials used are rather flimsy.
  • minus
    Some of the toys from the bag will require supervision.


The upsimple variety pack is a great collection of best toys for cats home alone.

If you are extremely short on time and shopping on a budget, we can’t think of a better product for your needs!

You can say goodbye to individually buying the items included here.

It is a great starter pack for your pet’s entertainment needs.

It is imperative to note that it is not made with the highest-quality materials available and that the items might fall apart after regular use. 

However, when you consider the low price tag, it’s definitely worth buying again and again.

HARTZ Just For Cats Toy Variety Pack - 13 Piece

Features and specs

  • Product dimensions: 1.5” L x 4.8” W x 9” H
  • Weight: 2.4 oz.
  • Fuzzy material
  • arrow-right
    Plastic balls
  • arrow-right
    13 pieces of cat toys

This package contains not just one but thirteen toys for your felines!

Among others, the collection includes plush mice toys, a wand toy, and plastic balls.

This is a simple product that will keep your pet happy and busy for a long time.

The colorful accessories are of a nice shade and are quite pleasant to look at.

Hartz is a well-established pet care company that caters to birds, cats, dogs, fish, reptiles, and other pet animals.

They offer treats, toys, health supplements, and accessories! The company has been in operation for over 90 years now.

With the Hartz legacy, you can be sure that their products are high-quality and long-lasting.

Let us now tackle the features and qualities of the toy variety pack in a more in-depth manner.

HARTZ Just For Cats Toy Variety Pack - 13 Piece

  • There is a great variety of toys that your pet can play with.
  • The material used is high-quality so it will generally survive a long time of rough playing.
  • The toys have been designed in an aesthetically-pleasing manner.
  • plus
    The collection of playthings is sold at an extremely competitive price.
  • plus
    If you own multiple kitties, they will no longer have to compete with each other for a single toy.
  • plus
    You can expect a greater sense of unity among your pets!

  • There seems to be no regulation as the mix is not exactly the same as the ones you will see in the pictures of the product.
  • The toys can be a choking hazard for both young children and small pets.
  • The sparkly thread comes off easily.
  • minus
    Some of the toys from the bag will require supervision.


Similar to the item that came before this one, it is an excellent mixed bag of goodies for your feline friend!

However, this one has an edge in many aspects. It has a greater number of accessories at a lower price tag, for one thing.

If you end up purchasing this set, we highly recommend segregating them so that you can separate the ones that carry more danger for your pet.

Though the quality is not the greatest there is in the market, you can’t beat this product from Hartz if you’re looking for the best bang for your buck.

Which, is why it’s one of the best cat toys for indoor cats package options.

Petstages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy

Petstages Tower of Tracks Ball and Track Interactive Toy for Cats, Fun Cat Game by

Features and Specs:

  • Dimensions: 9.75” L x 9.75” W x 6” H
  • Weight: 11.2 oz.
  • Weight: 11.2 oz.
  • arrow-right
    Orange exterior
  • arrow-right
    Three brightly-colored balls
  • arrow-right
    Three layers of fun
  • arrow-right
    Closed top
  • arrow-right
    Additional safety features
  • arrow-right
    Non-slip base

You shouldn’t miss this one if you are comparing cat toys for indoor cats!

The bright color of the product will certainly get your attention from the very beginning.

It is yet another great way to keep your pet amused, occupied, and healthy.

We bet your pet would be able to develop sharper physical and mental skills once you bring this product home!

It is an activity toy that you will be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. We are sure that this will be a hit when you bring it home from the store.

Petstages is an excellent brand that exists under Outward Hound family of pet items.

There are a total of five brands, but Petstages focuses on providing pet owners with a way to manage dogs and cats’ chewing, playing, and scratching problems.

By providing your pets with a different platform on which to express their natural instinct, you will be able to go to bed soundly without fearing for the longevity of your furniture and other items.


  • It is one of the best cat toys for lazy cats.
  • All of the components of the product has been solidly constructed.
  • The ball glides smoothly.
  • plus
    The ball glides smoothly.
  • plus
    The balls are easy to see even for pets with eyesight problems.
  • plus
    It does not require constant monitoring like other toys do.
  • plus
    The relatively small size of the toy means that it does not require a lot of space.
  • plus
    There is a new safety bar provision which prevents kittens’ head from getting stuck in the opening.
  • plus
    You will no longer have to go through complex assembly procedures as it is a very straightforward product.

  • The bright color of the product might be unattractive to some users.
  • It is lightweight, so an enthusiastic feline might make it slide around the floor.
  • There is no replacement ball included in the package.
  • minus
    The older model does not come with the bars, so you will have to check that you are ordering the newer version of the product.


This is a great product for felines that enjoy playing with balls and smaller objects!

There is no need to fear about obesity as this is one of the best cat toys for lazy cats.

They will have to go around it over and over again in order to keep up with the spinning balls, after all.

Multiple feline owners rejoice! Unlike other cat toys for indoor cats, this is something that all of your ktties can play together.

Yes, that remains true even if you don’t have the time to keep an eye on them during playtime!

Best toys for cats home alone: Youngever 20 options Kitten Assortments, 2 Way Tunnel

Features and Specs

  • Weight: 10.6 oz.
  • Two-way cat tunnel
  • Three crinkle balls
  • arrow-right
    Three cotton mice
  • arrow-right
    Two fake fur mice
  • arrow-right
    One caged mouse
  • arrow-right
    Two color balls
  • arrow-right
    Two balls with bell
  • arrow-right
    One scratcher fish
  • arrow-right
    Two scratcher ball
  • arrow-right
    Two scratcher ball with feather
  • arrow-right
    One tumbler toy
  • arrow-right
    One feather teaser

The last product on our list is definitely not the least when you consider quality and value.

Like some of the aforementioned products in this buying guide, this is also a collection of various toys and accessories when it comes to cat toys for indoor cats.

However, the difference lies in the contents and level of quality.

 Perhaps the most unusual inclusion in the package is the two-way tunnel—that’s definitely something that you do not see in other cat toys for indoor cats.

Young ever is a women-owned business based in the United States. The company does not specialize in pet products.

You are going to find various offerings in the store, from baby products to home supplies.

Nonetheless, there are many cat toys for indoor cats in their product list as well as products for dogs.

Youngever 20 Cat Toys Kitten Toys Assortments, 2 Way Tunnel, Cat Feather Teaser - Wand Interactive Feather Toy Fluffy Mouse, Crinkle Balls for Cat, Puppy, Kitty, Kitten

  • On this list, this one offers the widest selection of best toys for cats home alone.
  • It comes at a great price for the number of products you get.
  • The manufacturers offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • plus
    More felines can play at a single time.
  • plus
    You can save money and effort when shopping for multiple toys.
  • plus
    The variety guarantees that your pets will never get bored.

  • Some customers report that they did not get the exact toys listed on the product list.
  • The tunnel might smell bad due to the plastic material.
  • Several of the toys are cheaply made and flimsy.
  • minus
    Some of these require supervision so you will not be able to leave the cats on their own.


The best cat toys for bored cats will come in the form of a collection much like this one here.

If you get this toy, we’re sure that the feline members of your family will be entertained for quite some time!

It’s a good mix of both new and old forms of cat toys. Like the others, it’s not exactly top-of-the-line quality, but it is cheap.

It seems inevitable for pet toys to undergo some form of damage, so the best course of action is often to get something cheap and easy to replace.


Of course, it would be far too naïve to simply declare a single product to come out on top of the best cat toys for indoor cats.

There are many things we have to consider, such as the amount of space that you can allocate for the setup, your pet’s personality, and the décor of your interior.

These factors will decide which product is the best fit for both you and your pet’s needs.

Since there is no perfect product in the world, you might have to weigh the advantages and disadvantages offered by what is available to you.

You will need to know your priorities in order to find the right one.

Someone with a smaller floor area will prefer toys that don’t take up much space, while someone with older pets should be on the lookout for brighter products to accommodate possible vision loss.

We hope that this guide has been useful in your quest to being to best fur parent ever.

While it is important to find the best cat toys for indoor cats for your beloved pet, it is just as important to understand how to interact with your pet and ensure that they are healthy.

This is where the guidelines for playtime and reasons for exercise come in.

Make sure that your pet not only has fun but that they are secured from any possible form of harm as well!

Regardless of what product you actually end up choosing, it seems like you are already on the right path to being a fur parent and getting the right cat toys for indoor cats.

Keep in mind that these cat toys for indoor cats are worth it— the members of your family doesn’t extend to just its human members, after all.

It is also important to clean your cat toys every now and then to remove all the unwanted bacteria that could harm your kitties health. 

For more buying guides and reviews try to check out Miauland. You may also to check out remote control for more options.

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