Best Shoes for Cats (Stop Scratching / Look Stylish)

Best Shoes for Cats

People hate when their cats scratch them with their sharp claws.  Shoes for cats are primarily used so your cat won't scratch you when you are grooming them, taking care of them, or want to prevent your house from getting scratches.  This includes trimming their cat nails, bathing them, giving them medicine or plucking their ear hair.  By covering your cats paws and nails with cat shoes, they won't be able to scratch you.  Shoes for cats to stop scratching you will make your life significantly easier.

Shoes for cats also protect your cat from hot sidewalks, snow, splinters, injuries, and damage to their sensitive paws. In addition, shoes for cats can also be used to prevent your cat from excessively licking or chewing their paws if they are experiencing a type of allergy. There is a wide range of cat shoe styles available in the market so it's important to pick the right ones. The following list is the best shoes for cats.

Our Top Shoes for Cats:

Best Cat Shoe for Baths:

Best Cat Shoes for Style:

Best Anti-Slip Cat Shoes:

cat in socks

Our Cat Shoe Recommendations:

Below is our list of the best shoes for cats based on extensive product research.  Some important factors to consider before buying a pair of cat shoes are usability, style, ease of use, and durability.  It's also important to note that your cat probably won't like the shoes in the beginning.  You'll have to get your cat used to the shoes before they will comfortably wear them. 

1. Smart Thing Adjustable Waterproof Cat Shoes

Features and specifications

  • Cotton, breathable, and comfortable cat socks
  • Anti-Fall off strap to stay on your cats feet
  • Waterproof and can be used outdoors
  • Shoes for cats to stop scratching


Smart Thing cat shoes for cats are waterproof, adjustable, breathable and feature an anti-slip sole.  In addition, these are also great shoes for cats to stop scratching themselves as well as you when you are giving them a bath or trimming their nails.  These socks for kittens will also prevent them from scratching objects around your house including their cat trees.

These high-quality flexible pet shoes for cats can be used in the rain and outdoors as they are waterproof.  In addition, they can be used on slippery floors including tile and hardwood floors since these shoes for cats have anti-stick pads. The anti-skid bottom prevents your cat from slipping and sliding which could lead to injury or hurt your cats joints over a long period of time.

These adorable cat shoes for cats feature a happy face and are available in a variety of colors black, blue, red and pink.  Lastly, if you think your cat's feet get cold, these are also great winter shoes for cats and will help keep your cat's feet warm.  Overall, these are some of the best shoes for cats.

Features and specs:

  • Cat shoes made of suede fabric with rubber bottoms
  • Adjustable straps are convenient to put on
  • Great cat shoes for walks


Yilegou pet shoes for cats feature adjustable straps and anti-slip soles to keep your cat’s paws protected from the elements.  These suede shoes for cats will feel good on your cats feet and provide a huge amount of stability with the sticky rubber bottom soles.  In addition, the rubber bottom cat shoes also provide protection from thorns, snows, and other outdoor hazards.

The sizes range from xxx-small to medium and the adjustable tape straps fit snug so the shoes won’t fall off your cat's feet during use.  These are great all around shoes for cats that will keep your pets feet warm and clean from mud.

These cat shoes are made with high-quality materials such as faux suede.  They are designed to keep your cat's feet dry and will prevent your cat from scratching themselves and you.  There is also a 100% satisfaction guarantee on these shoes for cats, so if your cat doesn't like them you can easily return them.

Features and specs
  • Anti-scratch shoes for cats made for the shower
  • Shoes provide nail protection to your cat
  • Soft, silicon material that is safe and durable
  • Can also be used outdoors


Lpsoacoek anti-scratch rubber cat shoes are the perfect paw protector that is great for use during bathing and veterinarian office visits.  When your cat wears these shoes, they won't be able to scratch you so you can easily bathe them, trim their nails, and prevent them from scratching.

These cat shoes are made from premium quality silicone that is comfortable for your cat to wear.  These shoes for cats are also extremely easy to put on as you just slip their paws in.  Since these shoes for cats essentially split in half you can easily put these on your cats feet and use the adjustable strap to keep the shoes on your cats feet.  These are the best shoes for cats if you're looking for something easy to get on your cats feet.

These durable cat shoes feature a hole at the bottom to allow water to freely exit during bathing and grooming sessions. In addition, since these cat shoes are made of silicone, they allow your cat to get traction on the floor to prevent your cat from slipping.  Lastly, silicone shoes for cats are going to be waterproof and will not soak up any water.

Features and specs

  • Cat shoes and cat socks design
  • If your cat hurts their paw - this is a great recovery device
  • Anti-stick bottom
  • Waterproof soles for outdoor use


Urbest socks for cats are made from 100% cotton which is comfortable and breathable for your pet.  With these pet shoes for cats, you'll be able to take your cat outside in snow, salt, mud, sand, and anywhere outdoors.  These make great winter shoes for cats since they have anti-slip technology as well as a strap that will stay on your cats feet.

The high-quality material is soft to the touch and is hand washable. The unique adjustable strap allows you to custom fit the size to fit your cat perfectly.  These cat shoes will also keep your cats feet clean and dry if they go outside.  In addition, the rubber soles on the bottom of these cat shoes are safe for your pet.

The waterproof bottom half of the cat shoes protect your cat's paws from the elements and are also suitable shoes for cats to stop scratching.  These are the best shoes for cats if you're looking for something versatile.

Features and specs

  • Stylish cat shoes for cats
  • Perfect for outdoor activities
  • Durable materials
  • Makes for a great gift!


Gotd Co. cat shoes are stylish sneakers for cats that feature anti-slip soles for outdoor use.  These are the best sneakers for cats that are on the market today.  If you ever walk your cat outside or have friends come over to your house, you are bound to get a ton of compliments if they see your cat in fashionable shoes.

The high-quality material is durable and safely protects your cat's feet from the environment like hot sidewalks or snow.  They are easy to put on and take off plus feature adjustable straps to custom fit them to your cat’s size.  The only downside of this cat shoes is that they don't have an adjustable ankle strap so it these shoes may fall off your cats feet.

These cat shoes for cats are extremely cheap (<$10) so they will make a great gift if you have any friends that own a cat.  Worst comes to worst, you can always return them on Amazon.

Types of Shoes for Cats

Winter Shoes for Cats

Cats enjoy exploring the outdoors and walking through snow is a common scenario for domestic cats during the winter season. Cats have sensitive paws and contact with cold icy snow can cause discomfort or pain to your pet’s paws. There are a variety of winter shoes for cats that keep their paws warm and protect them from coming into contact with icy and frigid temperatures. 

Many of the cat shoes for winter are faux suede or made from other high-quality materials that keep your cat’s paws warm and protected. There are a variety of colors and sizes available. Most are adjustable and allow you to custom fit the cat shoe to each paw. In addition, you'll want to find shoes for cats that have waterproof soles for when the snow melts and turns to water.

Claw Protecting Shoes for Cats

A favorite hobby most cats enjoy doing is scratching everything in sight. This means your furniture, curtains, window treatments, and other items are scratching posts for most cats. You can prevent your cat from scratching and destroying your furniture and belongings with cat shoes that cover and protect their claws. These comfortable cat shoes look stylish, feel comfortable and prevent your cat from scratching anything ranging from furniture to people.

In addition to scratching, you can also use shoes for your cats to protect them from scratching you while you groom them.  This includes trimming their nails, brushing, medicine injection, etc.  Cat shoes serve a variety of purposes so they won't constantly scratch you and cause you to bleed.

Stylish Cat Shoes for Cats

Cat shoes are designed and created with comfort and practicality in mind, but they also look adorable on your pet. You can create an entire outfit that matches the shoes or just put the shoes on your cat for a super cute look. The color and texture of the shoes can also express your cat’s personality.  Cat shoes can also be stylish for cats and you'll definitely get some attention.  

Cat Shoes for Bathing

Bathing your cat at home isn’t always easy. Most cats don’t like to be submerged in water such as a sink or tub, while others run for their lives when they hear the shower water start. Many cat owners suffer from scratches and bruises they receive from their cats during an at-home bathing session. You can protect yourself from cat scratches with specially designed bathing shoes such as the ones listed above. These silicone cat shoes protect the paws and claws while at the same time prevent your cat from scratching you. 

Adjustable Shoes for Cats

One of the best features cat shoes have is the adjustable straps. These straps allow you to custom fit the shoe to your cat's paws, so they remain on your pet securely. Since cats have thin legs and small paws the adjustable straps help keep your cat comfortable and protected from the environment.  Most cat shoes for cats have adjustable straps that allow the shoes to stay on their feet so you don't need to worry.

Conclusion For Best Shoes for Cats

Shoes for cats are extremely versatile products that prevent your cat from scratching, keep their feet warm, protect their feet, and can help their feet recover.  In addition, cat shoes can be used for giving your cat a bath, grooming them, or giving them medicine they don't want.  We hope you enjoyed our review for the best shoes for cats.

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