Extra long and large options, the best cat tunnel

Cats are just like kids; they are fond of play and amusement. Just like how kids enjoy crawling through play tunnels, kitties also love playing in tunnels.

We're here to help you find the best cat tunnel to give your kitty hours of fun and excitement.

Felines are typically curious animals, and they would never waste an opportunity to explore mysterious places.

Even a simple cardboard box can become an exciting place for them especially when curiosity gets the best of them.

They would even stay inside a cardboard box for hours to keep themselves entertained.

However, of course, a cardboard box won't be able to last for long especially for a very dynamic kitty.

A cat tunnel is the best thing that you can give to your playful feline. Moreover, why should you not?

The best cat tunnel is more durable, more exciting and more stylish than your regular cardboard box.

Amazingly, the best cat tunnel is designed to be used both indoors and outdoors. 

Many pet owners prefer to use these playhouses in the outdoors to let their indoor pets experience the outdoors.

These toys come in different forms and designs. If you have larger kitties, a large cat tunnel or an extra long cat tunnel is the ideal choice.

Large cat tunnels are preferable to be used in the outdoors since these extra long cat tunnels will take up much space.

Furthermore, large cat tunnels can comfortably accommodate multiple small-sized kitties all at once.

There are lots of reasons why you should give the best cat tunnel to your favorite feline.

It doesn't only provide an exciting way to stimulate an outdoor experience, but it also allows them to have some exercise.

This is handy if you're having a hard time convincing your indoor kitty to play outside.

Your feline companion can’t possibly resist the appeal of the best cat tunnel. 

Their intrinsic obsession with dark, mysterious places will surely ignite upon seeing this plaything.

As always, if they can fit in it, they must get in it. Moreover, that's just how it is for felines, more especially for an inquisitive kitty that loves to explore new things.

Most pet playhouses can be used either indoors or outdoors. However, there are those that are intended to allow the pet to have a glimpse of the outside.

So, if you intend to get one for outdoors, choose the model that is specifically designed for outdoor use.

Whether you choose to go for an open-ended model or the one that can be secured at both ends, is entirely up to you.

In choosing the best cat tunnel possible, it is essential to consider your pet's personality, size, and habits.

Some kitties are more energetic than others. If you happen to have a highly active pet, then you may want to get a playhouse sturdy enough to withstand brute forces.

These products differ significantly in sizes and dimensions. Pick the right one that can put up with your pet's size.

Remember, kitties like it better if their hiding space fits them just perfectly. Not too tight and not too spacious.

Does your furry buddy prefer a concealed and confined space? 

Alternatively, does it favor a see-through enclosure that enables your pet to breathe in fresh air?

Considering all of these things will ensure that your feline pet will make the best out of this product.

More importantly, your furball will have the best thrilling experience for both play and exercise.

This article will help you find the best cat tunnel by giving you our list of recommended brands. Take time to compare each feature and weigh in their pros and cons.

Here are our top 10 picks for the best cat tunnel available on the market:

Top 10 Brands of Cat Tunnel

Domestic kitties easily get bored especially if they spend most of their time indoors.

That’s why we always make sure that they have plenty of toys to play with.

Picking the right toy for your kitty is one of the challenges that a pet owner has to overcome. However, with the best cat tunnel, you can never go wrong.

With the plethora of choices in the market, it is almost impossible to pick the best among the rest.

However, don't worry. It's for this reason that we have round up the best brands. Now it's time to pick your choice.

1. Feline Ruff Premium 3 Way Tunnel

If you're looking for the best cat tunnel for large cats, then you may want to take a look at this model.

Feline Ruff Premium 3 Way comes with three chutes joined together to form a point.

Each tube offers an extra full 12-inch diameter that perfectly fits larger kitties.

The intersection forms a peek hole in the middle where your pet can poke its head to have a glimpse of the outside.

An extra long cat tunnel, it provides an astounding 55-inches central tube long enough to test your pet's agility.

Your energetic feline can come in and out of the open-ended tubes as much as it pleases.

Plus, a jingle bell dangling toy can be attached at the end of the tunnel to lure your pet towards it.

Made from a durable polyester material, it is designed to last longer and can handle even the most energetic pets.

Its crinkle middle is sturdy enough to prevent twisting while keeping the three chutes steadily in place.

Storing is quite easy as you need to collapse the end of the tube (the one without attachment) and twist it into the middle.

Then do the same to the other two tubes until the whole product collapses down completely flat, allowing you to take it anywhere.

Key Features

  • Comes with three chutes interconnected by a durable crinkle peephole
  • Extra full tubes open 12-inches in diameter, providing tons of space for your pet to play and turn around
  • 55-inches long main chute to offer more room for your agile kitty
  • Uses high-quality 190T polyester material that can effectively handle energetic pets
  • Easily collapsible and collapses compactly flat for more accessible storage and transport
  • The product comes with a 6-month warranty


  • Sturdy construction made of super-strong polyester makes this product lasts longer than other competitors
  • Easy to open and accessible to collapse
  • Extra long cat tunnel, ideal for multiple pets or a large-sized kitty


  • Some pet owners are having issues with the product’s durability

2. PAWZ Road Cat Toy Collapsible Tunnel

If you think the 3-tube model is too much for you to handle then here’s another option for you.

A large cat tunnel consisting only of one long tube to give your pet enough space for an enjoyable play.

PAWZ Road Cat Toy Collapsible playhouse offers a 51-inches tube playhouse with a generous diameter of 12-inches.

It is made of nylon fabric and durable steel frame to keep your pet safe all the time while ensuring long-lasting use.

Plus, it has two peepholes located near both ends of the tube to allow your kitty to poke its head out when it needs to.

This collapsible model is easy to set up and store. Just collapse the tube by gathering the steel frames altogether.

Use the buckle design on its side to secure the folded tube in its compact form.

It folds compactly flat which makes it easier to take anywhere.Available in 3 colors: Blue, Brown, and Grey.

Key Features

  • Extra long cat tunnel with its 51-inches long single tube provides spacious room for your pets to chase, explore and hide
  • The large opening diameter of 12-inches that can comfortably accommodate multiple pets or one large kitty
  • Stable structure makes use of nylon fabric and a durable steel frame that can withstand persistent pets
  • S-shaped design for a more exciting trek
  • Opens and folds easily; collapses into a compact form for more accessible storage and transport


  • Two side openings perfect for hiding and seek play
  • Great for multiple pets or one large cat
  • Easy to set up and store
  • Two peepholes add more excitement to playtime


  • Nylon fabric may not be as durable as polyester fabric
  • Doesn’t make a crinkle sound that is so appealing to felines

3. Pet Magasin Collapsible Tunnel Toys (2-Pack)

Still, haven't found the best cat tunnel for your kitties? Take a look at this model that comes with not just one, but two separate tubes.

The longer one measures 35 inches long while; the shorter one measures 18 inches. Both tubes have open ends with 10 inches diameter.

Large and small kitties can find their perfect spot in these separate playhouses.

Only the extra long cat tunnel has a peephole. However, both have dangling balls to entice your kitty.

Durable construction is made with double layers of crinkly fabric that creates a pleasing crinkling sound when they step on it.

Kitties of all sizes can have plenty of rooms to run, chase, explore and hide.

Furthermore, this product is spring-loaded so they can be easily folded for compact storage and quickly opened for instant play.

However, wait, there's more.

The product comes with 2-year warranty and 100% money-back guarantee in case you're not satisfied with its quality.

Last but not the least, both tubes come in flashy designs that will make playtime more stylish and exciting.

Key Features

  • Package includes one long chute and one short one
  • Open-ended tubes with 12-inches diameter
  • The multi-layered fabric is heavy-duty to handle feline's claws, also makes a crinkly sound to spark your pet's interest
  • Easily collapsible and spring-loaded to pop open instantly
  • Cat tunnel for large cats comes with a peephole
  • Short chute provides fully-enclosed playhouse for those who prefer a more confined space


  • Both tubes come with separate dangling balls
  • Springy design to pop open instantly
  • Two fun hideaway playhouses for your kitties
  • Colorful designs


  • Separate tubes cannot be attached

4. HDP Rainbow Pop Collapsible Cubes Play Tunnel

Here’s a fun and exciting way to keep your pets amused and entertained for hours.

A colorful playhouse that is designed to accommodate multiple small kitties at once or one large kitty.

HDP Rainbow Pop Collapsible Cubes playhouse consists of 2 large cubes attached at both ends of a large cat tunnel.

Large cubes measure 15-inches with an 11-inch opening on every three sides. Its extra long cat tunnel measures 48-inches in length with a generous 13-inch diameter.

Play cubes come in 3 different colors: Blue, Red, and Yellow. The large cat tunnel has rainbow colors making it a perfect fit for any home décor.

Constructed in a flexible frame that instantly pops open to use and easily folds down for easy storage.

Cubes and tubes are equipped with plenty of connector tabs to allow additional hubs to be attached for a larger play area.

With its unique design, this model is one of the best cat tunnels that can provide a thrilling playhouse for your kitties.

Likewise, they can comfortably take a nap inside the giant cube if they need to take a break from play.

Key Features

  • Innovative playhouse design consisting of two large cubes connected at both ends of an extra long cat tunnel
  • Rainbow color tube and bright color cubes that will complement any home décor
  • Flexible frame pops open in seconds and can be folded easily when not in use
  • Spacious hub with plenty of openings
  • Connector tabs allow you to connect more hubs for additional play area


  • Ideal cat tunnel for large cats or multiple small kitties
  • Easily collapsible and pops open instantly
  • Unique design and bright colors that attract kitties of all ages
  • Expandable playhouse as you can connect additional cubes


  • The wires used for the cubes are not steady and may bend easily
  • Stitching tends to come apart after several uses

5. Prosper Pet 3-Way Tunnel

Does your kitty need more rooms for play? Prosper Pet 3-Way playhouse offers not 1, not two but three tubes to give your pet more ways to play.

A peephole connects the three tubes in the middle. Each container measures 10-inches in diameter and 17-inches in length making the main tube measures up to 36-inches long.

This heavy-duty product is made of ultra-strong, tear-resistant polyester fabric that can withstand even the harshest claws.

To ensure your pet’s safety during playtime, all wire ends are protected to prevent the wires from poking through.

The spring-loaded frame provides an elastic band to make it conveniently collapsible for travel and storage.

One of the tubes is layered with crinkly fabric to make that cracking sound that is pleasant to a kitty’s ears.

Thus, the crinkling sound it makes will make your pet want to play on it more.

Plus, it comes with a dangling jingle bell toy that can be attached at one end of a tube to keep your feline pet more interested in playing.

It is indeed the best cat tunnel for large cats as proven being the only 5-star rated cat playhouse in Amazon.

Available in many different colors and designs: Aqua, White, Black, Grey, Blue, Brown, Navy, Pink, Teal, Polka Dots, and Quat Pattern.

Key Features

  • Offers 3-tubes playhouse to give your pet more rooms to play
  • Center peephole and one tube are lined with crinkly material to keep your pet more interested
  • Durable construction is made of a heavy-duty 190T polyester material that can handle brute force and does not collect pet hair
  • Steel frame with protective ends to ensure that the wires won’t poke through and hurt your kitties
  • Conveniently folds down easily for more accessible storage and transport
  • The manufacturer offers a 100% money-back guarantee if you and your pet are not satisfied with the product's quality


  • Large cat tunnel ideal for cats of all sizes
  • Durable, washable polyester fabric
  • Comes with a swinging bell toy to crank up the fun for your kitty
  • All wire ends are protected for your pet’s safety


  • When used indoors, the product tends to slide across the floor
  • Polyester material can get electrically charged that may cause a static spark if you touch your pet inside the playhouse

6. PetJollies Paper Bag Tunnel

Our furry buddies love the sound of a crinkling paper. That explains why they always get inside a paper bag when they get the chance.

PetJollies Paper Bag playhouse took after the feline's instinct obsession with paper bags and used this concept in their product.

Made of double-layered thickened kraft paper, you'll probably think that this product won't last long.

However, you'll be surprised to find that it can endure scratches and brute forces longer than expected.

When unfolded, this paper bag measures around 9-inches high and 11-inches wide allows one large kitty to fit in.

It provides approximately 24-inches long cave where your pet can play, stretch, pounce and sleep whenever it wants to.

Plus, it comes with a peephole that measures 5.5-inches in diameter that allows small kitties to go in and out.

The best thing about this playhouse is the crinkling sound it makes each time your kitty makes a move.

That's precisely one of the reasons why our furry friends are so attracted to this playhouse.

Storage and transport won't give you any hassle at all. Simply fold like a regular paper bag, and you're good to go anywhere you like.

More importantly, it only takes up very minimal space making it the best cat tunnel for those living in a relatively small area.

Unlike many models that are using flashy vibrant colors, PetJollies Paper Bag features a fresh design of green and white triangle pattern.

Besides, felines are not attracted by the bright colors, but they are more enticed with the crinkling sound instead.

Key Features

  • Looks like a large-sized regular paper bag that kitties love to explore
  • Made of recycled, thickened kraft paper that makes a crinkling sound with every move
  • Comes with a peephole where your feline pet can poke its head out and even allows small kitties to go in and out
  • Easily foldable and can be conveniently carried around in its compact flat form
  • Perfect for kitties that like to have their private cave


  • Simple design that is so easy on the eyes
  • Perfect for smaller spaces as it doesn’t take up much space
  • Makes crinkling sounds that felines love so much
  • Comes in a gift-wrapped package


  • Kraft paper is not as stable and durable as polyester or nylon fabrics

7. ABO Gear Fun Tunnel

Connecting two or more components can be a bit troublesome especially if you’re not a fan of assembling.

So, why bother yourself with too many components? With ABO Gear Fun playhouse, you only need one piece to make up a fun and exciting cat tunnel for large cats?

No assembly required as there's no need to attach separate tubes or chutes. Just pop open and let playtime begin.

This large cat tunnel measures 52-inches long with open-ends measuring 10-inches in diameter. It has two peepholes to add more amusement to your feline pets.

Instead of using polyester or nylon fabrics, it uses faux fur to give your pet soft and luxurious feel inside their cave.

Additionally, the durable shell is layered with a silky liner that crinkles with every move.

The outer shell has a leopard print that will bring your kitty's wild side. Moreover, the interior is lined with a dark-colored fabric to give them a cave-like experience that felines crave for.

Storage is no hassle because it folds down easily for quick and easy storage. Plus, it comes with a dangling ball to make playtime more enjoyable.

Key Features

  • Made of thick faux fur that is soft to the touch yet durable enough to stand against wear and tear
  • Open-ended 52-inches extra long cat tunnel for large cats or multiple pets with two peepholes
  • Faux fur shell is lined with a crinkly liner that creates crackling sounds when they walk over it
  • Sprung steel frame to pop open instantly and easily collapsible for a hassle-free storage
  • Comes with a dangling ball for additional amusement


  • Faux fur material provides a softer and more luxurious environment for your playful pets
  • Easy to setup up; no assembly required
  • Interior is lined with dark-colored fabric to provide more privacy for your felines


  • Available only in leopard print
  • Dangling ball comes off easily

8. New Cat Condos Premier Tunnel

Here’s a multi-channeled playhouse that doesn’t require any assembly on your part because it comes fully-assembled already. You can let your kitties use it right out of the box.

Its unique structure provides three chutes facing different directions; each tube can snuggly accommodate medium to the large-sized kitty.

Plus, the 20-inches square perch at the top of the structure could handle a more substantial kitty.

The top perch can also serve to hold water bowl or food bowl for your feline pets.

Constructed with solid wood for sturdier and more stable playhouse, it is also layered with plush household grade carpet for added comfort.

Available in 5 different colors: Beige, Blue, Brown, Green, and Grey.

Key Features

  • Products come fully assembled and ready to use
  • Condo with three hollow tubes that can fit medium to large-sized kitties
  • Uses solid wood for the construction and lined with household grade carpet to provide comfortable and robust playhouse for your felines
  • Large top perch is perfect for lounging and can be used to hold water bowl or food bowl
  • A wide variety of colors to choose from
  • Handcrafted in the USA


  • Play tunnels and condo in one product
  • Innovative and trendy design that can match any home décor
  • Uses heavy-duty materials built to last


  • More on the expensive side

9. Dezi & Roo The Original Hide and Seek Paper Tunnel

If your feline buddy can't get enough of paper bags, then you need to get this product as soon as possible.

Dezi & Roo’s The Original Hide and Seek Paper playhouse is modeled after brown papers that kitties are known to love so much.

However, what's in a paper bag that felines find so appealing? There’s no doubt that felines are so captivated with the crinkling sound that paper bag makes when they walk in and out of it.

It is also for this reason that this Dezi & Roo offers this product, to spoil your precious feline with all the good things in life.

Intended to be used indoors, it is made of durable and eco-friendly paper material that creates a crinkling sound. Plus, this catnip-blended paper bag provides a perfect playground for your feline pet.

When unfolded, the entire paper bag extends to up to 33-inches length with open circular ends with a diameter of 8-inches.

Storage is easy as you only need to fold it like an accordion to make it compactly flat.

Key Features

  • Large cat tunnel with the thrill of a crinkling paper bag that your kitty will surely love
  • Made of biodegradable, eco-friendly material, blended with catnip to make playtime more pleasant for your felines
  • Collapsible and expandable, making it easier to set up and use
  • Approved by most veterinarians
  • Handmade in the USA


  • Folds like an accordion for more accessible storage and transport
  • Creates a crinkling sound with every move
  • Affordable playhouse


  • The recyclable paper material won't last long and might rip over time

10. SmartyKat Hideout, Tunnel and Playmat Toys

Your kitty will love to explore this mysterious Crackle Chute that will make crinkly sounds to satisfy their curiosity.

This large cat tunnel expands to 35 inches long with 9.5 inches diameter openings on both ends.

It has a wide peephole on the side that allows small kitties to go in and out.

When not in use, you can easily fold the chute and securely close with attached ties for easy storage.

SmartyKat products are designed to meet child safety standards that don’t allow the use of:

  • small parts or other choking hazards,
  • sharp points or exposed strings that may hurt children or pets
  • long string and cords that may get them entangled or strangulated

Key Features

  • Cat tunnel for large cats that extends up to 35 inches long and has a diameter of 9.5 inches
  • Mysterious-looking chute that makes an interesting crinkling sound with every move
  • Pops open in seconds and easily foldable for storage and transport
  • Made of tear-resistant nylon material for long-lasting durability
  • Tested to child safety standards and meets rigorous quality and safety requirements


  • Collapsible and lightweight, making it easy to bring anywhere
  • Wide peephole for added fun
  • The manufacturer offers 100% satisfaction guarantee that provides free replacement and refund for unsatisfied customers


  • It doesn’t include a dangling toy because this is considered a potential choking hazard

Why Do Cats Need Play Tunnel?

Best cat tunnel

Cat tunnels aren't only intended for play and entertainment. There are more reasons to these toys that are beyond amusement for your feline pets.

These playthings are specially designed to cater and satisfy several instincts of felines including:


It's not a secret to you anymore that felines are inquisitive creatures by nature.

Even though they typically adhere to routines, they also incline to mysterious things and places.

Paper bags are the most common things that they’re likely to explore because they’re interested to see what’s inside it.

Introducing a large cat tunnel to your curious kitty would be a sure hit because its curiosity would undoubtedly take over.

Unlike paper bags, these amazing playhouses offer more than just an empty, dark space.

Additionally, these playhouses can be quickly moved from one place to another to maintain its mystique.


Felines are natural hunters, and it runs in their blood. Even after domestication, their desire for hunting is still innate to them.

Their instinct in hunting is suppressed since domestic kitties cannot possibly hunt their prey anymore.

The best cat tunnels consider this feline instinct by creating a cave-like design that will surely bring out their hunter side.

Multiple kitties can play hide and seek inside the playhouse and satisfy their hunting instinct as much as they like.

You can add some toys to the playhouse to make ‘hunting' more exciting.

Physical Exercise

Large cat tunnel

Inside an extra long cat tunnel, your pets can chase each other around and pounce on their toys.

If your furry friend isn’t an exercise buff, a playhouse is a great way to entice them in exercising.

Dangling balls also make excellent decoys to develop their batting and swatting skills. Some models have see-through walls where you can poke your finger to lure your kitty to pounce on it.


It’s also important to realize that while domestic kitties are sociable, they were initially desert dwellers that are hostile towards humans.

They are exclusively affectionate to their owners, but they tend to show hostility to strangers still.

That's why they always prepare a sweet hiding spot just in case they need to take refuge when strangers come for a visit.

Keep your pets from hiding in the closet or under the bed and give them the best cat tunnel instead.

Plus, these playhouses are designed to provide a secure and safe place where your frightened kitty can feel protected against strangers.

Maze Solving

Our feline companions love to explore and discover new things. A playhouse that forms like a maze will stir their interest.

Some models come in a single straight tube or chute that your pets may find annoying.

In this case, choose the best cat tunnel that offers more forms or shapes to add more excitement.

There are also models that can be easily clipped or strung together to form more extended and more complex shapes for your kitty to explore.

How to Choose a Cat Tunnel

Cat tunnel for large cats

Consider the following factors in choosing the best cat tunnel for your feline pet:


Models differ in sizes and are intended explicitly for particular pet sizes. One of the most important details to check is the opening diameter of a playhouse.

It would be pointless to get a playhouse if your furball can't even fit to get in it in the first place.

For larger pets, a large cat tunnel with a diameter of at least 12-inches is most recommended.

Make sure that your pet has extra room inside the playhouse where it can freely pounce.

They often feel uncomfortable being confined in a tightly cramped place.

Length is also an essential factor in choosing the best cat tunnel that will perfectly suit your feline pet.

If you have multiple pets, choose an extra long cat tunnel where they can chase each other and play together.


Just like any other toys, playhouses are not forever. These products will eventually tear and wear down.

The longevity of this product will depend on the behavior of your pet or the number of pets using it.

However, certain products offer more durability compared to other models. Check the materials being used and try to distinguish which of these materials can last longer.

For aggressive pets with rough behaviors, choose a model made of heavy-duty materials such as polyester and nylon.

Kraft papers can make that crinkling sound that felines find so exciting but remember that these materials won't last long.


 Playhouses made of plush fabric materials may cost more, but they offer unequaled comfort that you can't find in any other materials.

The good thing about these soft fabrics is that they don’t easily snag against your kitty’s sharp claws.

Soft-sided playhouses can also serve as a relaxing lounge area for your feline friend.

After getting exhausted from play, they can comfortably lie down on it and take a nap.

Ease of Use

Some models come fully-assembled, and your pet can instantly use them right out of the box.

However, if you prefer a maze-like playhouse with more chutes, then you may need to assemble and connect several components.

Spring-loaded spring frame allows you to fold the entire playhouse into a very compact form, making it so easy to store.

Additional Features

While the tunnel is the main component, it is also essential to check other features can contribute to a more exciting playtime.

Plenty of peepholes provide sufficient escape routes for your pets so they can quickly get out when they need to.

Remember, our furry companions hate the idea of being trapped in a particular place.

Peepholes allow them to sneak away from their pursuer and to give them a glimpse of the outside.

Many models also include dangling toys that you can attach at the end of the tube.

These swinging toys are optional, and the use of these features is within your discretion.

Strong, active kitties can easily detach these toys, and some pet owners worry that their pets may accidentally swallow these tiny balls.


Are you ready to buy the best cat tunnel in the market? Well, you should be.

It's about time you give the best playtime experience for your pet. Toys are a must-have, but the playground is as equally valuable.

A playhouse designed for playful felines is an excellent option to consider in keeping your pet entertained and healthy.

There's a myriad of options available in the market. Our list of recommended brands should help you narrow down your choices.

These different brands offer different features, and it will be up to you to come up with the final decision.

Now that you know how to choose the best cat tunnel available, picking the right one should be easy.

Kittens, adult and senior kitties alike would certainly enjoy using this playhouse in so many ways. If not as a playground, they can use it as a comfortable bed where they can sleep or take a nap.

Keep in mind that the price should not be the main factor in determining the right product for your pet.

Cheaper brands are not necessarily the worse choice. Your choice will entirely depend on your pet’s preference.

If your feline friend prefers paper bags than the sturdier chutes, then you should get a model that closely resembles a paper bag. There's nothing wrong with that if you think it's the best choice.

It's all about how your furry buddy enjoyed playing in its playhouse.





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