Best cat ear mite medicine (2020)

Best Cat Ear Mite Medicine (2020 Reviews)

For cat owners, ear mites are a fairly common source of frustration that will severely bother your cat. If you see your cat frequently shaking his head or scratching his ears, there’s a chance he has ear mites. Mites can be uncomfortable for our cat friends, but fortunately, they’re also fairly easy to treat. Brown residue building up in a cat’s ear is the number one sign of ear mites, and if you see little white dots moving around in there, those are the ear mites themselves. The mites feed on skin flakes and can make your cat quite uncomfortable.u00a0 So if you haven’t cleaned your pets ears in a while with cat ear mite medicine, then now is the perfect time to do so.

In this post, we list a variety of over the counter cat ear mite medicine you can use to help treat your cat’s ear mites. However, before you get started, there are a few key things to remember. First, always consult with your veterinarian before administering any type of medicine to your cat if you feel it won’t be safe. Professional advice can be crucial in determining the proper treatment for any type of medical issue your cat may experience. Second, be sure to keep close tabs on your cat’s health at all times, especially after administering treatment for any sickness. Ear mite medicine can go a long way in treating your cat, but side effects are always a possibility and you should closely monitor your cat’s reaction to any new medication.

Best Wipe Choice

petpost ear wipes for ear mites

Best Overall Choice

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Best Low Price

Curaseb ear mite medicine

The Pet Post ear wipes for ear mites is an excellent option for treating ear mites and their root causes. Cat ear mite wipes are particularly good for cats who are sensitive or resistant to drop-based medications. Since liquid based ear mite cleaners go deep into the ear canal, many cats won’t let you put drops inside their ear and will scratch or bite you.u00a0 A good alternative to this is using ear mite wipes since they typical won’t bother your cat as much.

The wipes are made to clear away the ear debris that mites tend to feed on, aiming to eliminate the initial cause of ear mites. They’re also soft ear pads to limit any skin irritation when you apply the wipes.u00a0 The coconut oil and Aloe Vera ensures maximum comfort for your cat as you administer the ear mite medicine.u00a0 It’s a soothing and calming feeling on your cats ears that may be irritated from the ear mites.

Pet Post wipes are made in the U.S.A. with environmentally conscious methods. Further, the company offers a 100% money-back guarantee if you or your cat are not happy with the results.u00a0

At less than $20 for 100 disposable wipes, the Pet Post option is reasonable and affordable. Plus, they come with everything you need to wipe your cat’s ears. No need to purchase extra cotton swabs or cotton balls.u00a0 This is the best wipe option if your cat has ear mite issues.

The Gold Medal Ear Mite Medicine is 4 ounces of medication which is a great option to keep your cat’s ear healthy and in tip-top shape. This formula is manufactured at a 100% solar-powered facility, making it an excellent environmentally friendly option.

This ear mite medicine is a little bit different from your normal liquid cleaner.u00a0 This cat ear mite medicine is essentially an insecticide which will kill your cat’s ear mites as well as prevent future ear mites in your cat’s ear.u00a0 This is a strong formula that uses pyrethrin insecticide to instantly kill mites on contact.u00a0 It is also safe for your cat and also helps fight against fleas as well as ticks.u00a0 This is the best ear mite medication if your cat has severe ear mite issues.

From the same company that makes the wipes that appeared first on this list, the Pet Post ear mite medication is another amazing option that is just in liquid form.u00a0 Liquid is considered the better alternative to wipe cleaners because it can clean deeper in your cats ear canal.

This ear mite medicine cleaner sets itself apart with an easy application nozzle that helps you administer the drops to your cat’s ears. The ear mite cat medicine is especially helpful for cats who wiggle around and try to avoid receiving the medication. Like the other Pet Post product, this one is manufactured in the U.S.A with a 100% guarantee.u00a0 Simply return it if you don’t think it’s working.

With coconut oil for added comfort and a plant-based formula, Pet Post is one of the best cat ear mite medications on the market today.

The Curaseb Ear Infection Treatment is the best ear mite medicine if you’re looking at Amazon reviews. You get 12 ounces of treatment fluid to be used in droplets that help eliminate ear mites and ensure your cat’s well-being.

The liquid will clean deep inside of your cats ear which helps keep your pet’s ears healthy and clean, aiding in the constant prevention of ear mites. Use the liquid cleaner in conjunction with an ear wipe which will help maximize their effectiveness. Keep in mind that this is suitable for adult cats, but should not be used for kittens.

The MedPal ear wipes for mites offers a nice, cost-effective option for ear mite medicine for your cat. You get 100 wipes and you get quite a bit of treatment for the price.u00a0 This is one of the cheapest ear mite medicines on our list.

Similar to its counterparts, this product features ingredients to help soothe your cat’s ear irritation in addition to preventing mites. Aloe Vera and eucalyptus help reduce pain and itchiness for your pet.

MedPal also guarantees your satisfaction with a money-back option if you’re not happy.u00a0 This safe, natural, and effective solution is one of the best ear mite medicines in the market today.

The Four Paws Ear Mite Medicine is an affordable ear mite medicine that comes in a 0.75 ounce tube. You administer this medication as droplets into your pet’s ear, and it’s formulated to kill mites on contact via the pyrethrin insecticide. This ear mite medicine for cats contains aloe as well which helps soothe any irritated areas of the skin. Aloe is extremely helpful because ear mites can cause a lot of discomfort biting inside a cats ear, and it’s just as important to eliminate the ear mites as it is to help your cat’s damaged skin heal.

Four Paws also helps with wax removal, another key step in keeping your cat’s ear health in check. This also prevents against additional mite infestations.u00a0 This is by far the cheapest option if you’re looking for a great ear mite medicine.

The Lively Pets Ear Cleaner for Mites is mainly marketed for dogs, but is works great for cats.u00a0 This cat ear mite medicine is not only a cleaner, but it is also a disinfectant that prevents ear mites. There are two main active ingredients which is EDTA and Aloe Vera. EDTA significantly reduces bacterial growth as well as fungal growth which ear mites love to feed on.

This ear mite medication also works well for yeast infections, because it is an anti-septic as well as an anti-bacterial cleaner. This should significantly reduce your cats ear itching, head shaking, ear discharge, and ear odor.u00a0 This is one of the best cat ear mite remedies on the market today!

How To Administer Cat Ear Mite Medicine

cat needs ear mite medicine    

Experienced cat parents know that our felines can be really sensitive when you approach their face or their ears, especially if your cat begins to feel trapped or nervous.

When you’re preparing to administer ear mite medicine for your cat, first be sure you keep them as comfortable as possible. Sometimes you have to restrain your pet to position them for the treatment. If this is the case, try placing them in a carrier or enclosure if you need to. You can also consider wrapping your cat inside of a large cloth towel so their claws can’t scratch you.u00a0 Otherwise, hold your cat close, so they feel safe while you place the drops or wipes in their ear.

For droplets, have a cotton swab or cotton balls nearby. Once you administer the droplets as directed by the instructions on the bottle, lightly rub the medication in.u00a0 You can do this by rubbing a circular motion on your cat’s ear.u00a0 Then use your cotton swab to gently remove the gunk from your cat’s ear. Be extra careful not to go too deep so you don’t hurt your cat’s ear canal. Remove as much of the residue, fungus, dirt, and debris as you can, and repeat the process as directed by your vet.

Pay close attention to your cat’s body language. If they scratch or bite after an attempt or two to put the cat ear mite medication in, give them a break and try again later. Maybe give it another go while they’re a bit sleepy.

Most importantly though is to reward your cat for a job well done. After you take the time to give them the ear mite cat treatment, show them that they’ve done a good job by offering them a few treats, a little food, or some well-earned playtime. This will also teach your cat over time that the ear mite medicine is nothing to be afraid of, and they may be less scared of future treatments.

If you run into severe obstacles or just can’t get your pet to cooperate, consult your vet or vet’s assistant. They’re professionals, and they’re likely more than happy to share some tips and tricks with you.

How To Choose A Cat Ear Mite Medication

cat ear mite infestation

As we mentioned above, always talk with your vet before making any health-related decision about your pet.

Sometimes ear mites can stem from a build-up of in-ear debris as they typically feed on this inside your cat’s ear. Your first step, before ear mite medicine, should be to prevent the possibility of ear mites by caring for your cat’s ear health. Regular cleanings (with vet advice) will help stem the collection of wax and dead skin that attracts mites, and your cat will stay healthy and mite-free.

In the event that your pet does contract mites, you’ll need a medicine that eradicates them. Be mindful of the chemicals in the medicines, and try to choose those that also offer comforting or soothing compounds like aloe vera or eucalyptus. Cat ear mites are irritating to your cats, but medication can be, too, and a formula that soothes irritation while killing mites is a win-win.

Some of the most common chemicals in ear mite medicine for cats is going to be pyrethrin and EDTA. These are basically insecticides that target the nervous system of ear mites which will usually kill them on contact. These chemicals are considered to be biodegradable and safe for a human and pet standpoint which is why they are commonly used in cat products.

Side Effects of Cat Ear Mite Medicine

what is an ear mite

If you choose an ear mite medicine that contains a pesticide, you should closely monitor your cat for potential side effects. There are quite a few possible side effects including:

  • Skin sensitivities which include additional itching, rashes, or redness.
  • Headaches, which often cause weird cat behavior.
  • Vomiting
  • Lack of appetite
  • Drooling
  • Shaking or tremors

In low doses, most eat mite medicine for cats is going to be safe. However, if you experience any of the above symptoms, you should discontinue using your cat ear mite medicine immediately.

Conclusion for Best Cat Ear Mite Medicine (2020)

cat needs ear mite cat medicine

If you’re a cat owner, you know the struggle: when your pet is sick or has any sort of health issue, you’ll try anything and everything to make them feel better. Sometimes, we prioritize our animals’ health over our own. Cat ear mites are one of the most annoying things for your cat. However, they are easily treated by cleaning your cat’s ears with medicine. Usually cleaning the debris with wipes or drops will get rid of the mites. If your cat has an infestation of mites, you should use an insecticide based medicine to kill the mites. We hope that you enjoyed our list of the best cat ear mite medicine.