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A look at affordable cat fence options, for great containment, including wireless and rollers

Let’s face it! We can’t always keep our eyes fixed on our cats all the time. However, how can we ensure that they are safe even if we leave them alone? With a right quality cat fence, we don't have to worry about our pets wandering off from the house and getting lost.

Additionally, we can guarantee that our pets are safe from external dangers such as getting attacked by predators or getting hit by a car.

It's seldom to see a cat running away from home. However, there are instances when they do.

Cats typically establish a deep attachment to their humans, places, and objects.

So when a cat learns to habituate itself in a particular place, that place becomes a part of its life.

When you introduce your kitty to a new home, it will take some time before it can adjust to the new environment.

Where to start...

Cat containment fence

cat containment fence

A cat containment fence is constructed in either an outdoor or an indoor environment.

The most common types of pet fence are made of wood or metal frame with a steel wire mesh, just like a typical chain-link fence.

A pet enclosure sometimes has a curved top to stop the cat from reaching the other side of the fence.

Moreover, a cat containment fence provides additional features to prevent cats from escaping, also to keep predators away.

You can also add cat fence rollers to keep your pets within.

No matter how high they can jump, the rollers will keep them from getting over the fence because they cannot gain the paw-hold they need to pull over the fence.

Cat fence rollers also keep predators (coyotes or foxes) away by doing the same thing.

Some cat owners are not comfortable with the idea of confining their pets inside a cage-like enclosure.

Also, they somewhat feel terrible if they don’t let their felines explore the outdoors.

Electric fence for cats: avoid them!

Electric fence for cats

If you want, you can resort to an electric cat fence(which we strongly condemn).
This method doesn’t require any wire or roller. In fact, your pet won’t be able to see a fence at all.

An electric cat fence is a combination of just two devices – transmitters and receivers.

You can place the transmitters anywhere within your property to outline the safety zone. These transmitters will then form an invisible boundary.

The receiver is usually installed inside your pet’s collar. So when your pet tries to cross the invisible boundary, the transmitters will emit a signal to the receiver.

Warning signals can be in the form of an electric current, sound or vibration.
However, these signals may inflict emotional trauma on your pet.

For sure, they'll avoid crossing the invisible boundary. However, the shock factor may do more harm than good.

This is why most pet owners still prefer the wired type over the wireless cat fence.

Some pet enclosures also incorporate some roof structure to lock in their pets and prevent them from escaping.

Also, a pet fence may or may not have an integral floor. However, most pet enclosures do not come with this feature because they make use of the existing surface like the floor itself.

Keeping our pets safe is the main reason why a pet fence is designed. However, it offers more benefits than that.

Here are some other benefits of installing a cat fence in your home:

Restrict your pet’s movement

Cats have the habit of scratching on furniture, walls, and carpets. Even if you give them a scratching post, they still tend to go back to shredding your belongings.

By using a pet fence, you are confining your kitty to a specific area of the house where they can’t reach the objects that they usually scratch.

You can put the scratching post inside the pet enclosure to lure your cat towards it.

From a cat's point of view, a scratching post is better than having nothing to scratch. So your pet may fall in love with it along the way.

Choose an area inside or outside the house with adequate space to let your pet roam around and do its usual exercises.

affordable cat fence

Adequate air flow in your rooms

Most households with cats usually keep their doors and windows shut to prevent their pets from getting out.

Because of this, you are depriving your home of proper ventilation.
Putting your pet in a cat fence eliminates all your worries.

Moreover, it also allows you to open all the windows and doors to facilitate adequate airflow throughout the house.

Reliable material

Most cat enclosures are made from a polypropylene mesh that gently sways when pounced.

The swaying motion will cause the cat to think twice about jumping again.
Also, that also goes the same with external predators.

Plus, the bottom of the fence is made from a welded-wire material that is chew-proof. So your feline pet won’t be able to dig its way out from the fence.

Home-built or commercial cat fence?

You can construct your pet fence if you have the time and the necessary materials to build it.

Through this, you can customize the fence according to your pet’s needs.
However, if you don't have the time and the skill to construct a cat enclosure, you can buy commercial pet fences from pet stores and even online.

If you choose to do the latter, there are many things to consider before buying one.

Most commercial pet fences are offered in standard shapes and sizes, making customization less possible.

So how would you determine the best pet fence for your kitty?
First, you need to determine where to put the pet fence.

Are you going to assemble it in the outdoor or place it indoors?

Indoor vs. Outdoor Cats: Pros and Cons

wireless cat fence

To help you decide on the type of cat fence, you need to understand the kind of cat you have.

Do you have an indoor cat that prefers to lounge inside the house all day? Alternatively, do you have an outdoor cat that prefers to explore the outside world and play with other animals?

This is the best way to help you determine whether to buy an indoor pet fence or an outdoor pet enclosure.

Both types of cats have their advantages and disadvantages. So either of these two is better than the other.

Nevertheless, it's all about training. With proper training, even the laziest kitty can be trained to go outside and exercise.

Moreover, even the most outgoing kitty can be restrained and confined
inside the house.

We are going to look at the pros and cons of having an indoor or outdoor cat.

Indoo​​​​r Cats

  • The best advantage of having an indoor cat is safety. Staying inside the house all the time fends off the possibility of having encounters with motor vehicles or getting into fights with other animals.
  • Most feline diseases are acquired from the outdoors. Keeping them inside the house reduces your pet’s risk of coming in contact with disease-causing viruses and fleas from the outside world.
  • Indoor cats tend to become very dependent and clingy on their owners.
  • Lack of exercise increases the risk of obesity and other health implications on cats.
  • Even with a scratching post, indoor cats will get themselves busy by scratching on furniture, couch, walls, and carpets.
  • Provide an indoor environment for physical and mental exercise such as toys, hunting games, and more.
  • Interact and play with your pet daily
  • Proper diet and regular checkup to avoid obesity
  • Get a couple of scratching posts that perfectly suits the needs of your cat.
  • Do not leave them without any interaction for long periods of time
ABO Gear Kitty Compound Cat Play House

Outdoor Cats

  • Liberating your pet to play outdoors will provide an adequate environment to get exercise.
  • Exploring the outside world keeps their mind active which can help improve mental health.
  • Outdoor cats have a higher risk of acquiring fleas, lice, mites and other pests.
  • They are also more exposed to disease-causing viruses such as feline leukemia virus and feline immunodeficiency virus.
  • Pets that always stay outdoors are more vulnerable to predator attacks and vehicular accidents.
  • Always check with your vet on how to ensure the health of your feline friend. Regular checkups and proper vaccination can improve your pet’s resistance from viruses.
  • Make sure that your kitty is wearing an ID tag before you let it go outside
  • A reliable pet fence is a must to protect your cat while playing in the yard
  • Do not leave your pet out without any supervision especially if they're fully declawed.

Regardless of the type of cat you have, it is your duty as the owner to maintain a steady activity and a good quality pet enclosure to keep your pet safe and healthy all the time.

If you have an outdoor cat, you should be focusing on a pet fence that you can install on your yard. There are different forms of outdoor pet fence to choose.

Different Forms of Outdoor Cat Fences

Free Standing Fences

As the name implies, free-standing fences can stand on their own or can be installed inside an existing fence.

This fence is made from thin mesh netting suspended between metal poles which stands about 6 feet tall and is usually curved.

The bottom of the fence is attached to the ground to stop the cat from going under and to inhibit other animals from getting in.

The freestanding fence doesn't necessarily need an existing fence. Its thin mesh makes the fence appear somewhat invisible from a distance.

However, the thin construction may not be enough to contain agile and large cats, much less keep aggressive predators out.

If you intend to use this fence on its own, you need to look for a freestanding ground-up system specifically designed to handle even the most aggressive cats and predators.

Choose a freestanding fence with extenders that make use of spring action to repel climbing animals.

Fence extenders also allow you to configure the height ordinances so you can set the enclosure as high as 7 feet.

The extender arms allow the top section to pivot in case the cat tries to climb, causing the horizontal extenders to swing downward to return the kitty to the ground safely.

With the freestanding fence, you can transform your yard into a safe place where your pet can freely roam around the outdoors without any worry.

Add-On Cat Fencing Systems

If you have an existing fence, there's no need to install a free-standing cat fence at all.

This is because you can turn your typical fence into a pet enclosure by adding some modifications.

A pet fence retrofit can be in the form of a wire strip or mesh band that is installed on top of the existing fence.

This add-on fencing system is typically curved to form an overhang on the inside of the fence.

This overhang blocks the cat from jumping over the fence as it also serves as a barrier to force your pet to stay inside the enclosure.

Another type of pet fence retrofit is in the form of rollers that are also installed on top of an existing fence.

Cat fence rollers inhibit your pets from jumping over by making them slip when they grab it, forcing them to stay inside the yard.

Rollers are also used to keep predators from getting in. Also, this add-on is considered a better alternative to barbed wires.

Barbed wires are effective against intruders but remember that this method can also injure your pet.

You're not only trying to drive away predators, but you're also aiming to keep your pet safe.

If we're talking about safe add-on fencing system, we're going to leave barbed wires out of the discussion.

The good thing about these pet fence retrofits is that you can easily install them on any types of fences, whether along a wood privacy fence or on top of a metal chain-link fence.

You only need to make sure that your fence is in excellent condition and check for any hole that can let your pet to slip through.

Also, make sure that the brackets are in optimum condition to ensure reliable protection.

Heavy snow can damage the mesh, so it is important to clean off the fence after snow storms.

Wireless Cat Fence
30" Configurable Folding Free Standing 4 Panel Wood Pet Dog Safety Fence w/ Gate

You can also opt for a wireless cat fence that employs motion sensor technology.

The advantage of this option is that there is no visible fence structure involved.
Without using any wire mesh or fence structure, you're liberating your pet the notion of being trapped in cage-like confinement.

This particular method makes use of transmitters that you can install anywhere or bury in the ground.

Place the electronics to create a perimeter that outlines the safe zone.

The electronic collar on your cat automatically gives off a warning signal when it tries to cross over the perimeter.

It is practically an effective training method to prevent your cat from stepping outside the barrier.

Scared of receiving a mild shock, your pet would instead choose to stay inside.
However, just as we said earlier, the mild shock can inflict emotional trauma on your kitty.

Over time, your pet may develop an unreasonable fear of the outdoors and quite frankly we do not recommend this option.

We want to keep our kitty safe at all times, but we certainly don't want them to become scaredy-cats.

Another disadvantage of this option is that it doesn’t keep other animals out. Predators can get inside the perimeter because they’re not wearing any electronic collars on them.

Spiky strips

Just like barbed wires, installing spiky pieces on top of the fence effectively prevents any unwanted guests from getting in.

However, spiky strips can also hurt your cats when they attempt to cross over the fence.

Unless the fence is too high for your cats to jump, then you may consider this option.

However, if your cat can jump on top of it, you should never even think of using this.

Different Forms of Indoor Cat Fences

If your feline companion prefers to stay indoors, you should look for an affordable cat fence that you can quickly bring inside the house and install without any hassle.

You might be asking why there is a need to confine indoor kitties in a pet fence. Technically,they should be safe inside the house without any enclosure involved.

Due to the lack of physical activity, indoor felines usually take it on your furniture to exercise their claws and bodies.

So before you know it, your dressers and couches are all shredded into pieces.
Not only that, but an indoor pet fence could also help you train an extrovert kitty to stay inside the house for some time.

Just like their outdoor counterparts, there are also different forms of indoor pet enclosure to choose.

Freestanding pet gates

Freestanding pet gates are made from either wood or metal construction. They are easy to set up as they can stand on their own.

No need for nails or screws to attach to your walls. Moving your pet from one area to another has never been easier because this gate is made to
rotate 360 degrees and can be positioned between doorways.

However, the downside of this mobility feature is that agile pets might be able to move it too.

Wall-mounted pet gates

These pet gates cannot stand on their own, and you'll need to fasten them to your wall with screws.

So if you don't like the idea of damaging with walls with screws, then you're better off with freestanding pet gates.

Since they are firmly attached to the wall, these gates are more sturdy and reliable. Even your most aggressive pets won't be able to move it.

Wall-mounted pet gates are the ideal indoor pet fence for particularly dangerous areas such as the top of a stairway.

Pressure-mounted gates

If you want a sturdy indoor pet enclosure without having to damage your walls, you can opt for a pressure-mounted pet gate.

Just like freestanding pet gates, they can also be quickly set up and moved from one area to another.

However, instead of attaching them to the walls with screws, these gates have rubber pieces or adjustable spindles with a rubber stopper on the sides touching the walls.

These rubber pieces won't make holes in the walls, but they can leave a little bit of discoloration on the wall.

To protect your walls from discoloration, you might want to use mounting cups. These can also keep the gate more firmly in place.

Can I use a baby gate as a pet gate?

Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate, White, Fits Spaces between 29" to 39" Wide

The structure of a pet gate is closely similar to that of a baby gate. Moreover, both of these gates offer the same function.

If you have an existing baby get in the house, can you use it as a pet gate? Reusing it for your pet will save you much money from buying a pet fence.

However, is it recommended? There is nothing wrong with using a baby gate for your pet.

Baby gates provide the same level of reliability and security that of a pet get.
However, the same thing can’t be said if you use a pet gate as a baby gate.

Pet gates have other elements that may prove harmful and ineffective for children.

Remember that pet gates are specifically designed for animals and not for human babies.

To sum it all up, it's okay to use a baby gate as a pet gate. However, we wouldn't recommend using a pet gate for a baby gate.

Although specific models are designed to be used both for babies and pets such as the Evenflo Wood Safety Gate, Gaterol Retractable Safety Gate, and the Regalo Walkthrough Safety Gate.

How to choose the best pet gates

In selecting the best pet fence for your indoor cat, you need to consider your situation and determine the features that are ideal for the type of cat you currently have.

If you have an agile kitty that can jump high, look for a pet enclosure that allows you to adjust the height accordingly.

For more extensive and more aggressive cats, look for a kitty fence that is sturdy enough to withstand pressure.

We have listed down some of the best cat fences in the market today as we also present their features, pros, and cons.

Find time to compare each of the products listed below to help you determine the best indoor cat fence for you.

Best Cat Fence

1. Affordable cat fence: Carlson Extra Tall Metal Expandable Pet Gate

If you're looking for a versatile, expandable pet gate, then this is probably the best solution for your needs.

Carlson Extra Tall Metal Expandable Pet Gate expands to 26-42 inches wide to stretch between openings and stairways.

Also, it also stands a convenient 32-inch height. The metal frame provides durable and robust protection that is far superior to its plastic counterparts.

Its pressure mount design makes it super easy to set up, and there’s no need for screws or other tools to install.

This pet gate takes pride in its patented Easy Fit Locking System. It makes use of soft rubber bumpers that are designed to be gentle on walls and firmly grips without leaving any mark and scuff.

Ideal for doorway, hallway, and bottom of stair and its lightweight, compact design makes it perfect for travel and storage.

Plus, it comes with a small door where your cat can go in and come out without you stepping inside the gate.

Carlson Extra Tall Metal Expandable Pet Gate
  • An affordable cat fence that you can bring home
  • Pressure mount design is so easy to set up; no installation tools required
  • Lightweight and portable construction makes it easy to move to different locations
  • It has a small door for better access
  • Durable locking system
  • The sides are equipped with rubber bumpers instead of adjustable spindles. Hence, you can’t adjust the sides for areas with baseboards or other areas that could do with variable adjustment between bottom and top.
  • Its curved corners form round edges that can pose a hazard if your kitty pins its paws on top of the gate. Though it's unlikely to happen, there's still a possibility that the paws can slide over the curved edges and get stuck between the wall and the gate.

Are you having a hard time getting your indoor cat to spend some time outdoors?

Now you can! With ABO Gear Cat House, you can bring your beloved feline out in the sun while giving it that ‘indoor’ feeling just the same.

Its tent-like structure is made of breathable mesh fabric that keeps your kitty safe from pests and unwanted bugs.

The cat house also allows your pet to roam around the adequate space of over 30 square feet and a 360-degree view of the outside.

You can quickly set this up on the deck, balcony, lawn, and more. Moreover, you don't need any tool to install it.

You pop it up for fast and easy setup. It folds tightly to fit inside a carry bag so you can bring your pet wherever you go.

The breathable mesh material is of the highest quality that can also provide durable protection for long-lasting function.

You can use it for both outdoor and indoor use. Plus, it comes with an adjustable mesh tunnel that adds more space for your pet to explore.

It comes in 2 packages. One is a light nylon bag containing the tent, and the other one is a pouch containing the circular mesh tunnel.

ABO Gear Happy Habitat for Indoor Cats
  • Easy to set up; just spread it out on the area and pull the cord until the tent snaps in place. It comes with an instruction that can be accessed inside the nylon bag.
  • Easy to fold; push down the, and the tent will automatically collapse.
  • It comes with two plastic stakes to provide a firmer grip to the ground.
  • Lightweight and breathable material to allow your kitty to enjoy the breeze of the outdoors while protecting itself from unwanted bugs.
  • The portable tent that you can easily carry anywhere.
  • The circular mesh tunnel is difficult to attach. It would take you some time to figure out how to hook up the tube to the zipper on the tent entrance. That is why some people leave out the mesh tunnel and go with the tent itself.
  • Incomplete instructions; although setting the tent up is easy; you'll need to figure out how to attach the circular mesh tunnel by yourself.
  • With the tunnel attached, it is difficult to get the cats out of the tent.
  • Not ideal for aggressive cats; the mesh fabric may not be durable enough to withstand sharp claws.

The Evenflo Wood Gate is one of the few models that can be used as a pet gate and a baby gate.

It stands 32 inches tall and extends to fit openings from 31 inches to 50 inches wide, which is ideal for use in doorways, hallways, kitchens, the bottom of stairs, and bedrooms.

The durable wood frame and vinyl-coated mesh provide long-lasting protection so you can leave your beloved pets inside the gate without any worry.

Its classic pressure mount design allows you to install the gate with no tools required easily.

The sides are equipped with rubber bumpers to ensure a firm grip on the walls without causing any damage to it.

The locking bar is designed to be easily marked and notched, making it easier to move from one area to another.

It is available in 6 different colors: beige, blue, pink, dark walnut, farmhouse, and tan.

This indoor gate is made of wood to add a natural touch to your space.

It’s available in 4 different colors and has a neutral style that matches a variety of home decors.

Evenflo Position and Lock Tall Pressure Mount Wood Gate
  • Complimentary wood design adds a natural touch to most home decors
  • Installation requires no tools
  • Sides with rubber bumpers to prevent damaging your walls
  • Affordable cat fence
  • Versatile safety gate that can be used as a pet gate and a baby gate
  • Can be quickly moved from one place to another
  • A wide variety of colors to choose from
  • Not ideal for high-jumping cats

What makes this pet gate different from other pet fences is the foldable feature that allows you to quickly fold the gate and conveniently store it in a closet.

PET MAKER Foldable Pet Gate is made from wood to compliment most home decors while maintaining a modern appearance.

It stands 24 inches in height and extends up to 54 inches full to fit openings such as doorways, hallways, and stairs.

Since it is a free-standing fence, no installation will be required. You can unfold the gate and let it stand on its own.

However, large cats may be able to move them with great force. If you want to keep the pet gate in place, you can attach the sides to the wall with the use of screws or nails.

ABO Gear Kitty Compound Cat Play House
  • Accordion design allows you to fold it up nicely and easily store in when not in use.
  • Stylish design
  • No installation required
  • Lightweight and can be quickly moved to a different location
  • Not ideal for aggressive pets as they can quickly move it
  • Too lightweight; may fall over with great force
  • You can keep it in place by attaching to the walls. However, doing so may damage your walls as you're going to drill holes and put screws and nails to it.

If you're looking for a durable yet affordable cat fence that can protect your pet, you might want to consider Midwest Wire Mesh Pet Safety Gate.

It is made of the active word and reliable wire mesh construction to provide ultimate protection but lightweight enough to be quickly moved from one place to another.

Non-toxic and lead-free materials are used to ensure your pet’s health.
The pressure mount design makes use of no-slip bumpers to prevent the gate from slipping and also to protect your walls.

Just like any other pressure mount pet fence, this pet gate requires no tools for installation.

It stands 44 inches tall and extends to fit openings from 29 inches to 50 inches wide.

Its patented “Comfort-Squeeze” latch makes it easier for you to adjust the gate accordingly and remove it effortlessly when not in use.

This latch also enables you to fit the gate into different walk-ways firmly.

It came with an adjustable marked and notched locking bar and four pressure mounts for better security and easier assembly.

MidWest Wire Mesh Pet Safety Gate, 44 Inches Tall & Expands 29-50 Inches Wide
  • Durable construction made from high-quality wood and premium wire mesh
  • Ideal for tall and high-jumping cats
  • Expandable to fit most doorways
  • Comfort-Squeeze latch for easy adjustment when installing the gate or opening to walk through
  • Pressure locking bars are marked and notched
  • Neutral wood color to compliment any home décor
  • One year warranty
  • Latch arm lacks durability as it quickly gets broken

How a cat containment fence can improve your cat’s happiness

Whether you go for an outdoor pet fence or an indoor pet gate or both, the main reason for it all is your cat's safety.

Of course, we all want our pets to enjoy the outdoors and explore. However, the dangers waiting for them outside make us want to think twice about letting them out of the house.

Putting a pet fence or installing some add-on fencing system around your property should keep your mind at ease about potential dangers while your cat is enjoying the outdoors.

So confining them in an indoor pet gate especially at night will lessen your worries about them wandering around the house and breaking your valuables.

Knowing that your cat is safe and secured within reliable confinement certainly makes us feel at ease. However, are our pets happy with it?

One thing is for certain; no one wants to be confined and restricted to limited space.

Also, that's probably what our feline friends feel when we put them inside a pet enclosure.

However, if that's the only way to keep them safe from harm, then we have no choice but to use it.

Hence, why pet fence manufacturers are thinking of ways on how to improve their products by considering the things that our pets need to stay happy.

There are cat fences that you can use in both indoor and outdoor settings. If your indoor cat is not accustomed to the outdoors, you can put them inside these tents to make them feel like they are inside the house.

Plus, these portable pet fences also allow you to bring your kitty with you wherever you go.

The more time you spend with your pet, the more happiness you give them.

Final thoughts

Cat fences may guarantee your cat's safety, but there's nothing that can provide better protection than you as the owner.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that once you get a solid cat fence, you can leave your cat unsupervised all the time.

While it’s true that we can’t watch over our pets 24/7, it is essential to take some time to supervise them or spend time with them.

Even with an outdoor enclosure, you should never leave your cat unattended especially if they’re not used to the outdoor environment.

Another issue to consider is to make sure that your pet isn't left under the sun for an extended period. Over-exposure to the sun can lead to overheating.

So look for a pet enclosure with an adequate space where your pet can wander around freely.

A broader scope will give them more liberty, and it reduces the anxiety of being confined in a limited space.

You can place treats and fun toys inside the enclosure to keep them calm. Moreover, this could also prevent them from getting bored.

Introducing an indoor pet gate to your cat may not go smoothly at first. Expect your pet to attempt escaping by vigorously bumping its head into the mesh.

However, don't worry, the mesh construction is designed to inflict no pain and no harm for the kitty.

Given some time, your pet will eventually give up and accept the fact that it cannot escape.

As a result, it will get used to the enclosure. However, remember to choose the right cat fence that can meet all your cat's preferences.

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