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Best Diapers for Cats for 2020 (Incontinence / Heat)

Most cat owners will naturally want to avoid the need to put a diaper on their pets, especially cats because they will scratch and bite you. However, there are a number of completely reasonable scenarios that require you to put a diaper on your feline. Cats are unique creatures just like us, and even the healthiest of them can require some preventive measures to ensure their own health and the cleanliness of their homes.u00a0 The most common reasons why people have diapers for cats is due to incontinence, spraying, marking, heat, or illness.

Below, we outline the best diapers for cats. They’re useful in a number of the cases covered above especially for cats that are incontinent. As always, whenever you are making a purchase based on your cat’s health or wellness, it is absolutely crucial that you first speak with your veterinarian to see if there are any additional underlying health issues. This will keep your pet safe and healthy and ensure you take the best treatment option for any issue you and your cat may encounter.

In a hurry?u00a0 Here are our top 3 cat diaper picks!

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The Barkertime Diaper for Catsu00a0is frankly one of the best options out there in terms of cat diapers for incontinence, spraying, piddling, and heat. Be careful, though, it allows your cat to poop freely and is meant only for urinary issues. If you want a cat diaper that also catches poop then you’ll have to look for another diaper.

The Barkertime diapers are perfect for both male and female cats. The main benefit is that, unlike many other pet diaper options, this one is made specifically for cats. Other brands offer a single product for dogs and cats. While there’s nothing wrong with that, sometimes a tailored touch can make all the difference. This is why this is our top choice for the best diapers for cats.

The benefits don’t end there! Barkertime diapers come in a number of fun shapes and patterns so you can give your pet some personality. Further, the product is offered in four sizes: small, medium, large, and extra-large which will fit all sizes of cats. Each cat diaper size is adjustable so you can be sure to find the perfect fit for your cat.

These diapers for incontinent cats are also washable, so you can reuse it. This is ideal if you’re buying for a cat who is in heat, because you won’t need to use it every single day. Or, if you need a pet diaper for long term use such as for a cat with incontinence due to a long-term medical issue, stocking up on a few of these can be the perfect option.

Note that you’ll still need to buy a disposable or washable liner to place into the diaper, which is sold separately. However, this is one of the best solutions for cat incontinence.

Finally, Barkertime designs and makes their products in the U.S.–great if you’re looking for a domestically manufactured product!

The Pet Soft Disposable Diapers for Cats are a great disposable cat diaper for incontinence, a cat in heat, or any other reason.u00a0 Look no further, the Pet Soft disposable diaper pack comes with 36 cat diapers so you can dispose of these diapers after each use. The product comes in four sizes: small, medium, large, and extra-large. Take care when choosing a size, because they are also offered for dogs and you want to be sure your cat is comfortable in the garment. These diapers work great for cats as long as you get the correct size.

The tail-hole is adjustable in the Pet Soft diapers, so you can tweak the fit to maximize your cat’s comfort level. This ensures a wide range of motion for your cat, which is important because cats rely heavily on their tails for mobility and sensing the world around them.

The disposable option is a huge plus because you can simply toss the diaper in the trash and replace it. No need to wash it or try to reuse it. This makes Pet Soft an excellent choice for cats who are rendered incontinent only temporarily due to being in heat or possibly having a recent surgery.u00a0 These are also cat diapers for poop since it will catch the feces of your cat.

These Washable Cat Diapers are anotheru00a0option that’s made for both cats and dogs.u00a0 You’ll want to triple-check the sizing guide before you buy so these diapers stay on your cat. But don’t let that deter you, these are great diapers that can be super helpful for your cat especially if these are incontinent or in heat. The sizes include extra-small, small, medium, and large so they will fit most cat sizes. The smaller sizing makes these a great fit for growing cats or even runts of the litter.

These cat diapers come in a pack of three, and once your cat makes use of it, you can replace the pad and continue using it. You can wash the diaper itself for continued use, giving your cat a clean and healthy option to assist with incontinence or heat-related urinary discharge. Since this comes in a pack of three cat diapers, you’ll always be able to wash a diaper and keep one of these on your cat.

This cat diaper catches both pee and poop. This means that you’ll want to change the pad after each use.u00a0 After your cat goes poop, we also suggest that you wash the diaper since it tends to also get on the diaper.

These Leakproof Cat Diapers is another excellent reusable option that is also waterproof! This one comes in the largest range of sizes of any other product on this list, giving you lots of flexibility to choose the right size for your cat.u00a0 You’ll want to make sure that you choose the right size diaper for your cat or it may fall off.u00a0 You’ll have to measure the waist of your cat to ensure that these diapers stay on.

This diaper for cat incontinence is washable with a built-in pad and includes a space for your pet’s tail to move freely.u00a0 In addition, there is a thick layer of absorbent padding that will collect all of your cat’s pee and poo.u00a0 The adjustable hip and waist straps help to ensure that this diaper will stay on your cat. This is one of the best cat diapers if your looking for something cheap that works for your cat.

Even with the best intentions, we as pet owners can’t prevent every single mess or accident. While buying diapers for cat incontinence or spraying is an incredibly helpful option, sometimes our pets find a way of wriggling out of their garments. If that happens, it’s helpful to have a stain and odor remover handy to quickly clean it up!

In addition, when you take off the diaper from your cat, there is going to be feces or pee on that will be stuck to your cat’s fur.u00a0 We recommend that you have an adequate about of pet stain and odor remover that uses enzymes to break down the bacteria of pee and poop.

Why do I need a Diaper for my Cat?

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Incontinence is one reason you may require a diaper for your cat. Incontinence can range from occasional urination outside the litterbox to slow dripping to full incontinence resulting in unwanted cat poop. Sometimes certain events can trigger your cat’s incontinent like when they are excited, see another pet, or first wake up. Incontinence has a variety of causes and you should always consult with your vet to determine what might work best to help your cat.

Incontinence can be a result of age (usually a result of the weakness of the bladder, sphincter, or muscles), an underlying long-term medical condition, short-term sickness, or a temporary after-effect from a surgery. In most of these cases, a diaper for your cat can be the right choice for your feline friend to keep their health in check and avoid unnecessary messes around the house.u00a0 Cat diapers are one of the best temporary solutions while your veterinarian figures our what is causing the incontinence.

Spraying and marking are perhaps the two most common things that cause the need for a cat diaper. This is especially important to remember for cats who are new to the indoors or who use to be solely outside cats and have now begun to live inside. They’re used to spraying outside to mark their territory and maybe looking to resume their habits in their new indoor world. In addition, if you have a less domesticated cat, they tend to want to pee and poop wherever they want.u00a0 These types of cats generally aren’t that trainable since they usually come from wild animals (i.e. the Savannah Cat).

Spraying inside can be a way for new cats to mark their territory, and thus could be a temporary behavior. Still, it’s important to monitor the habit and mitigate the mess with a diaper if you and your vet agree that’s the best solution.

diapers for cats in heat

Female cats, if they aren’t spayed, will occasionally be in heat. It’s common and natural for cats in heat to leave spots of blood or urine. This behavior is completely normal while your female cat is in heat and is one of the scenarios in which a disposable cat diaper is the most useful.

Finally, short term illness can cause temporary behavior changes that result in messes around the house. Cat diapers are helpful here because they catch the mess and reduce stress for you while keeping the cat comfortable. There are several different illnesses and even paralyzation that can cause your cat to become incontinent and need to wear a diaper for a period of time.

How To Decide If Your Cat Needs A Diaper

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Your cat may make it quite obvious that he or she needs a diaper by leaving messes around your house. But don’t be mad with your cat–these behaviors are completely natural and normal. It’s up to you to figure out what is causing this issue in your cat.

If your cat is experiencing incontinence unexpectedly or is in heat and missing the litterbox, give your vet a call. Chances are they’ll recommend purchasing a diaper for your cat and even have a few suggestions as to which kind you might find most effective for your cat’s particular needs.

If your cat is undergoing surgery, ask your vet whether you might need a cat diaper. Some cats need some recovery time from anesthesia, during which they may be less likely to make it to the litterbox in time. In other cases, the surgery may directly impact their ability to control their bathroom habits. Have that conversation with your vet first so you’re well-prepared to help your cat.

How To Put A Diaper On Your Cat

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Any cat owners know that cats are reluctant to be controlled or held in one place –especially if that means they end up wearing clothes or garments. If your cat willingly wears things like that, count yourself lucky, as you’ll probably have little trouble putting them into a diaper. Most of the time they will end up trying to scratch or bite you while you put on a cat diaper.

If your cat is hesitant, keep a few things in mind as you try to get them to wear a diaper.

Take it slow. A diaper for your cat is a new thing for you and your feline, and you’ll both get frustrated if you try to force the process too quickly. Try keeping the diaper out on the floor or a counter (before you use it so it’s clean) to get your cat familiar with its presence. If they go up to the diaper and sniff the object a few times, they’ll be less scared of it when the time comes to actually wear it.

Second, try to make the process quick and natural. If you can, get your cat to step their back legs lightly into the leg openings and gently pull the diaper up. Only shift your pet’s tail as needed to get it into the opening, but don’t force it. Their tail will likely find its way to freedom on its own!

Finally, fasten the diaper snugly, but not too tight! Be sure it’s not so tight that it restricts the cat’s movement, but tight enough to catch any spray or discharge–that’s the whole point, after all!

Once you get a process down, it shouldn’t be too difficult to put on a diaper for your cat. After all, you’ll likely be doing this at least a few times a day so it’s best you can train your cat to understand the process and make things easy.

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Conclusion for Best Diapers for Cats (2020)

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Diapers for cats are used for a variety of reasons including incontinence, spraying, marketing, heat, or illness. You’ll want to do some initial research to see if you need a diaper for your cat that picks up both pee and poop. There are several different types of cat diapers that include pads, are disposable, or meant to be washed. We hope that you found our best diapers for cats article helpful!