Cat backpack

The best cat backpack carrier, from bubble to window options

Every cat owner knows  that cats are not our ideal "travel buddies." Hence, why you need the right cat backpack carrier.

Unlike dogs, cats don't seem to enjoy a car ride or a walk in the park. However, why is it so?

Their fear of traveling can be traced back to the fact that cats are creatures of habit.

Thus, this means that their life revolves around their daily routine such as leaving territorial marks and burying feces.

If you suddenly put them in a carrier and take them inside a car, they become uncomfortable and stressed.

It is not because they hate the sight of a carrier or a car. The main reason is that they get nervous and agitated when you take them to an unfamiliar place or a situation.

However, would it be a lot better if you can take your beloved cat with you when you go on a trip?

Moreover, when you have a gorgeous-looking cat, isn't it a bit fulfilling when you can show it off at the park for the world to see? Now, this is why a cat backpack is designed.

A cat backpack can reduce your cat’s fear of transportation. 

Hence, it is the best solution for a hassle-free trip with your precious cat.

Where to start....

Cat carrier backpack vs. old school cat crates

cat carrier backpack

In the past, most owners were using one-door steel cages called cat crates to transport their pet. While cat crates are useful carriers, the main downside is the way of handling it.

They can come in handy for car trips where you can place them in the back seat.

However, carrying a cat crate when you go for a walk or a hike becomes burdensome. To put it, your mobility becomes limited.

Also, in most instances, cats usually suffer from motion sickness when they are carried in a crate.

All these things are taken into consideration; cat carrier manufacturers seek a new way to reduce motion sickness on cats and provide hands-free handling for the owners.

So this is where a cat backpack carrier came to fruition. A carrier that you can just easily wear as a typical backpack.

It is specially designed to provide proper ventilation, security, and stability for your pet.

Unlike steel-made crates, cat backpacks have a soft interior to keep your pet as cozy as possible.

Cats usually feel uncomfortable when they are exposed to the outside. This explains why they typically get restless when they're carried in a crate.

A cat backpack provides a more secure environment where the pet is allowed to move freely without too much exposure.

Backpacks for cats have come a long way since then, both in functionality and design.

A cat backpack with window offers a wide viewing range for the pet. 

These adorable images of cute kitties being carried in a cat backpack have taken the internet by storm, and every owner now wants one.

Cat backpack with window

The increased demand for cat backpack carriers paved the way for more choices and alternatives in the market.

A backpack is more comfortable to carry around and more stylish than crates. However, before you purchase one, there are many factors to consider.

Remember, a cat backpack isn't based only on its ease of use. More importantly, you are buying one to give your pet a more comfortable transportation.

How to choose the best cat backpacks

In selecting the best option on the market, there are several factors to consider.

A good design is one thing, but cats don't give much appreciation to a good-looking carrier.

A suitable carrier should be equipped with functional features that can provide safe and comfortable transportation.

Here are the things that you should look for in choosing the best backpack for cats.


Carriers come in different sizes. Choose a carrier that can provide sufficient room for your pet.

Although carrier backpacks are designed to provide proper ventilation, insufficient space can be harmful due to inadequate air flow.

On the other hand, more space gives them more room to move.

However, this is less secured and less stable. Also, keep an eye on your pet's growth. 

Additionally, consider the weight of your pet. Depending on the weight, go for a sturdy carrier that can support it.

Additionally, pack some cat food and cat toys inside the backpack. 

cat carrier backpack


One of the most distinguishing features that separate a cat backpack from a regular one is the ventilation.

A cat backpack is designed to allow air to circulate inside. It is critical to give your pet more than enough ventilation.

Cat backpack carriers are equipped with ventilation parts. If you accidentally covered these parts, air can no longer pass through which can result in suffocation.

This is why you should always be careful when handling carriers.


Comfort and proper ventilation are essential things to look for. However, you should also keep an eye on your pet's safety.

There will be instances when the pet gets bored while inside the carrier. When this happens, it might scratch on the sides of the backpack.

If the backpack isn't durable enough to handle this pressure, the kitty may end up tearing the sides of the carrier.

Also, see to it that the handles can withstand the weight of the pet. Expect your pet to move inside, and a moving overweight pet can put more pressure on the handles.

If the handles are weak, they might tear apart.

Carefully check every detail and make sure that the zipper and the buttons are placed on the outer side of the backpack.

There’s a chance that a bored cat may play with the buttons, tear them off and swallow them accidentally.

Furthermore, you also need to check that the corner of the zipper isn't too sharp. 

best cat backpacks


Cats are probably the best epitome of purity. They prefer their space to be clean and free from any unpleasant smell.

While the cleanliness of a carrier will rely on you as the owner, you may want to look for a backpack that is easier to clean after use.

Cleaning and washing a backpack is a lot harder than cleaning a hard body kennel or crate.

However, all the benefits of a backpack carrier certainly outweigh this slight disadvantage.

All you need is to put some extra effort into washing it right after every use.

Requirements for air travel

Make sure that the carrier meets the following requirements that most airlines ask for:

The carrier must have a waterproof bottom material.

Zipper lock to securely keep the cat inside.

Carrier with sufficient ventilation parts.

Carrier has enough room for the cat to move around comfortably.

Best cat backpack carriers

Here is our list of recommendations that can guarantee to offer comfort, safety, and pleasure for your cat that will give transportation a whole new, different meaning:

Texsens Innovative Traveler Cat Bubble Backpack Carriers

This cat bubble backpack is made of PU leather which makes it more reliable than models made of plastic materials.

It has a semi-sphere window design that allows the pet to enjoy the scenery outside. 

A cat backpack with the window is a must-have if you want to show off your cute pet.

However, the bubble-window is not interchangeable with a mesh piece.

You can choose from 10 different colors, and it has adequate space to fit small to large-sized cats. It can also support weight up to 10 pounds.

It is equipped with mesh panels and ventilation holes that are evenly distributed all around the backpack to provide proper ventilation.

Both sides have three ventilation holes and meshes, another six holes on the front side including the three holes in bubble-window.

The adjustable shoulder straps provide carrying comfort to give you more convenient travel while saving more energy.

Texsens Innovative Traveler Bubble Backpack Pet Carriers Airline Travel Approved Carrier Switchable Mesh Panel for Cats and Dogs (One Size, Ash Black)

It has a built-in security leash and top/side entries for maximum accessibility.

The strong net is made of soft PVC that can withstand the sharp claws of your pet. So no matter how your pet scratches on it, it won't easily tear apart.

​Plus, Texsens Innovative Traveler Cat Bubble Backpack Carrier is approved on most major airlines which makes it the ideal carrier for your pet on all your globe-trotting adventures.


  • Sufficient ventilation holes for better ventilation
  • Innovative backpack design
  • Durable and heavy-duty exterior
  • Variety of colors to choose from


  • Too small for extra large cats
  • The PU leather will initially emit some slight odor. You can solve this by putting it in a well-ventilated place for 2 to 3 days before use.
  • Takes some time for your cat to get used to it

This bubble backpack is made of high-quality Oxford cloth and food grade polycarbonate plastic, making it long-lasting and scratch-resistant.

Give your pet the fashionable astronaut-look with the carrier’s semi-sphere design window with interchangeable transparent cover and plastic mesh.

This space capsule backpack has nine ventilation holes so your pet can breathe easily. Both sides have three holes, as well as the front side.

During hot summer days, the ventilation holes may not be sufficient for adequate ventilation.

You can solve this by replacing the transparent cover with the breathable plastic mesh to improve air circulation.

It comes in 6 different colors: black, golden, golden rose, light green, light blue, and leopard print.

Giantex Astronaut Pet Cat Dog Puppy Carrier Travel Bag Space Capsule Backpack Breathable (Light Green)

When it comes to size, Giantex Astronaut Cat Carrier offers more space compared to Texsens Innovative Cat Bubble Backpack. So you can fit any size into it from small, average, large and extra large pet.

Plus, its load capacity can handle up to 15 pounds of weight. So you can put your pet’s favorite toys inside to keep it from getting bored.

It also comes with a fixing buckle strap interior to keep your pet securely in place and prevent it from escaping from the carrier.

With Giantex Astronaut Cat Carrier Backpack, taking your pet for a trip has never been this stylish.


  • Trendy space capsule design that will make you and your pet stand out
  • High-quality materials for enhanced durability
  • Interchangeable window; comes with a transparent cover that you can quickly take off and replace with a plastic mesh
  • Large space adequately accommodates cats of all sizes
  • Load capacity of up to 15 pounds of weight
  • Equipped with fixing buckle strap interior for better security and safety
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear


  • Materials may emit an unpleasant smell at first. You can fix this by leaving the backpack open in a well-ventilated area for two days before use.
  • Ventilation holes may not be enough during hot days that may lead to inadequate ventilation and overheat
  • The transparent cover may become too cloudy when the pet smooshes its face against it, leaving a bit of steam.

If you're not a fan of bubble backpacks and you're not comfortable with standing out, then you can opt for a carrier with a more straightforward design.

The PetAmi Cat Carrier Backpack may not have the same trendy look as the Texsens Innovative and Giantex Astronaut backpacks, but it offers the same quality and functionality.

This carrier backpack is made of a premium 600D polyester material which is proven to be scratch, abrasion, and water-resistant. Additionally, it is wrinkle-free.

It can fit most small and average-sized cat. Also, it can hold up to 10 pounds of weight.

You can choose from 9 different colors: black, gray, heather charcoal, heather gray, light blue, pink, purple, red, and royal blue.

Its well-ventilated design consists of mesh construction for optimal airflow. Aside from that, the breathable mesh windows are made of durable material that won't tear apart easily.

PetAmi Premium Pet Carrier Backpack for Small Cats and Dogs | Ventilated Design, Safety Strap, Buckle Support | Designed for Travel, Hiking & Outdoor Use (Gray)

It has a cozy and soft Sherpa lining bedding to add comfort for your pet during travel. So it also comes with a collapsible bowl to keep your pet hydrated at all times.

The padded straps and back mesh make it comfortable and easy to carry. Additionally, it has waist and chest buckles for better support during hiking.

It comes with interior safety straps to hold your pet securely inside the backpack. Moreover, it also has side pockets for additional capacity.

You can also carry this carrier by hand thanks to its sturdy top handle.


  • Simple design makes it ideal for hiking and camping
  • Ventilated design with multiple mesh windows for improved airflow while giving your pet an outside view
  • Durable, high-quality material
  • Sherpa lined bedding and sturdy base so your pet can comfortably rest and nap
  • Safety straps and leash for added security
  • Padded shoulder strap and backing for comfort and moisture wicking
  • Comes with a collapsible water bowl


  • Too small for large and extra large cats
  • Front side is very floppy and may not stay upright
  • Safety straps are a bit too short to secure a chubby cat. You can fix this by adding a bit of length.

If you're looking for a carrier that you can carry in multiple ways, then Becko 3 in 1 Scratch-Resistant Carrier is the right one for you.

It is a multi-functional carrier that you can use in 3 ways:

  1. As a backpack, use the padded back straps to carry your pet on your back when you go outdoors. The herringbone designed back panel evenly distributes the weight of the pet to protect your back by reducing pressure.
  2. Attach the adjustable shoulder strap to use it as a single-shoulder bag.
  3. Grab the handle to carry it like a kennel-type carrier

It is made of polyester material and soft-sided frame to provide a durable and scratch-resistant carrier.

You can carry your pet outdoors as safely and comfortably as possible with its interior safety straps.

No matter how small your pet is, this carrier can perfectly accommodate any cat. Its durable construction can handle up to 18 pounds of weight.

Becko Cat Dog Pet Carrier Mesh Pup Pack Soft-sided Outdoor Travel Backpack For Pet (Small)

For better ventilation and visibility, the mesh design includes mesh windows that allow your pet to breathe freely and relax.

It has zipped top entry for easier access and mesh side pockets to hold other necessities.

Becko Pets Bag Carrier is airline approved so you can take your adorable pet with you anywhere around the world.

The back and sides are padded with EPE foam to give your pet a relaxing place to snuggle and take a nice nap. Its removable bottom cover makes it easier to clean.


  • A multi-functional carrier that can be used as a backpack, single-shoulder bag, and a handbag
  • Airline approved
  • Mesh windows for improved ventilation and visibility
  • Durable material and scratch-resistant
  • Removable bottom cover


  • Side pockets lack elasticity

This is one of the trendiest bubble backpacks in the market today.

It uses a patent pending innovative semi-sphere bubble window design to help your pet look around while snuggling inside the backpack.

The backpack may look stiff at first glance, but it is equipped with ventilation holes on both sides to provide proper ventilation.

The interchangeable window allows you to switch from a transparent cover to a mesh.

Use the bubble-window during cold days to keep your pet warm and comfortable inside the backpack.

If your pet experiences are overheating and breathing trouble due to the lack of ventilation holes, you can take off the bubble-window and replace it with a breathable mesh cover.

You can choose from any of these three colors: green, rose, yellow. U-pet Innovative Patent Bubble Backpack Carrier is approved by almost all airlines.

It is made of premium polyester and acrylic plastic making it easy to clean and washable.

The semi-sphere bubble is made of ethylene-vinyl acetate material known to have low temperature, and is reliably robust.

It has a built-in security leash and top/side entries for optimum accessibility.

Cat sizes ranging from small to large cats can comfortably fit into the carrier. It can support up to 16 pounds of weight.

Texsens Innovative Traveler Bubble Backpack Pet Carriers for Cats and Dogs (Blue)


  • Innovative patent pending design
  • Tough and durable exterior
  • Comfortable and cozy interior
  • Washable materials
  • Approved by all airlines
  • The interchangeable window that can be switched between a transparent semi-sphere bubble and a mesh cover


  • Too small for extra large cats
  • Limited colors to choose from

Petforu offers yet another futuristic design that incorporates the bubble window to allow your pet to see outside during travel.

You can switch between the bubble-window and the breathable mesh screen, whichever suits your pet’s needs.

It is made of PU leather and polyester materials making it a long-lasting carrier with outstanding performance.

When it comes to ventilation, this is probably the best ventilating bubble backpack.

Both sides have three ventilation holes, six holes on the front side and another three below the bubble window. That's 15 breathable holes.

That's not all; both sides also have mesh screens for improved ventilation. This also ensures that the pet stays cool and comfy inside even if it is hot outside.

The padded shoulder straps are designed to enable you to wear the carrier on the back or front, without too much pressure.

Furthermore, the bottom of the carrier has rubber feet to give it a better grip on smooth surfaces and prevents it from sliding around.

Pet Carrier Backpack, Petforu Space Capsule Dog Cat Small Animals Travel Bag - Dark Grey

It can comfortably accommodate small-sized to large-sized cats, and it can support up to 16 pounds of weight.

For added comfort and convenience, the bottom cover is removable which makes it easier to clean.

Furthermore, it has a handle on top that allows you to carry it by hand.


  • The versatile faux leather material gives it a sophisticated look and heavy-duty strength
  • Interchangeable window
  • Sufficient ventilation holes distributed all over the backpack and breathable mesh screens on both sides
  • Removable bottom pad
  • Rubber feet on the bottom of the backpack


  • Too small for extra large cats
  • The leather material may emit unpleasant smell at first, which will eventually fade away with time
  • A little bit heavy

If you love traveling abroad and you can’t bear to leave your kitty at home, you can bring your pet wherever you go with this bubble backpack.

The exterior is made of durable and waterproof PVC material, and the interior makes use of breathable material that can withstand scratching.

Its ergonomic design is scientifically based on human's back movement structure as the shoulder straps evenly distribute the weight throughout the entire back to relieve muscle soreness.

The revolutionary semi-sphere window gives it a futuristic look that is quickly taking the world by storm.

However, you can replace the semi-sphere transparent cover with a mesh cover for better ventilation. It comes in 5 different colors: black, blue, green, pink and yellow.

The size is ideal for small to medium-sized pets and can handle up to 10 pounds of weight.

Both sides have three ventilation holes each and additional mesh panels for enhanced air circulation. It has built-in security leash, top and side entries for better accessibility.

Pettom Dog Cat Pet Carrier Backpack Airline Approved Travel Hiking Bubble Backpack (Black 1)

Pettom Cat Bubble Backpack comes with a removable soft fleece cushion bottom pad for easy cleaning.

You can use this carrier in 2 ways: as a backpack and as a car seat for your pet. You can buckle into your car and let your pet enjoy a car ride.

It also has a durable top handle that lets you carry it by hand. Also, it also comes with side pockets to securely hold your pet's water, food or toys.


  • Airline approved
  • Trendy space capsule design
  • Interchangeable window
  • Removable bottom pad
  • Multi-usage as carrier and mobile bed


  • Not ideal for large and overweight cats
  • Insufficient ventilation holes. You can improve air circulation by replacing the semi-sphere bubble window with a breathable mesh screen.
  • The window doesn't take off easily

This product takes pride in its unique diamond cut 3D design that offers a fresh and innovative look.

You can choose from 3 different colors: frosted black, frosted gold and frosted white.

The adjustable padded shoulder straps are designed to make traveling more comfortable.

It has an interchangeable window that allows you to switch between a semi-sphere bubble window and a breathable mesh cover.

Each side has four ventilation holes and one large mesh screen for enhanced air circulation. The bubble cover has three ventilation holes.

HBuir Innovative Diamond Traveler Pet Carrier Shoulder Backpack,Frosted Black

It comes with a removable soft, washable pad to add comfort for your pet.

The dimensions are spacious enough to fit any cat, and it can support up to 14 pounds of weight.

You can also use the safety hook inside to attach the cat's harness. So the handle on top is sturdy enough to let you carry the whole weight by hand.

  • Unique diamond cut 3D design
  • Reliable and strong material
  • Interchangeable window
  • Fix hook to attach the harness
  • Ideal for hiking and cycling with your cat
  • Removable and washable bottom pad
  • No buckle strap inside to keep the cat securely in place
  • Too small for extra large cats
  • Limited choice of colors

Bubble backpacks are indeed the newest craze for cat lovers all over the world.

You only need to take a look at Lemonda Cat Carrier Backpack to understand why people can't get enough of this fantastic item.

One of the best things about this product is that it comes in 16 different colors to choose from: dark blue, light green, sky blue, baby blue, black, coffee, green, pink, rose, silver, transparent, white, yellow, cyan, deep pink and rose gold.

Aside from its wide variety of colors, it also has a sleek design that would make you and your pet stand out.

The cute and lightweight design makes it ideal for a casual stroll in the park or shopping together with your pet.

It may look fashionable, but there's more to it than its stylish appearance.

It is made of high-density acrylic material and selected canvas that can provide durability and long-lasting performance.

The semi-sphere bubble window gives it a space capsule style that allows your kitty to view the scenery outside.

However, you can replace the transparent bubble with a mesh cover if your cat needed more ventilation.

It has a built-in lock to keep your pet from jumping out and running away from the carrier.

Lemonda Portable Travel Pet Carrier Backpack,Space Capsule Bubble Design,Waterproof Handbag Backpack for Cat and Small Dog Mutil Colors to Choose

Suitable for small to medium-sized cats and can handle up to 14 pounds of weight.

Both sides have three ventilation holes, and another three holes on the front side. The transparent cover also has three air holes.

For your added comfort, the shoulder straps are designed with extra padding so you can wear it on your back and front without too much pressure on your muscles. It comes with a removable velvet pad for easy cleaning.


  • Cute and lightweight design ideal for casual walks
  • Interchangeable window
  • Cozy interior most ideal for cold countries
  • Easy to install covers (transparent and mesh)
  • Huge variety of colors to choose from
  • Built-in locks


  • Not ideal for large and overweight cats
  • Doesn’t have waist straps
  • The bottom tends to jab the back of the hipbones which can be a bit painful

How to train your cat for a backpack carrier

You may have chosen the best cat backpack, but there's a chance that your pet may refuse to use it.

No matter how perfect the carrier may appear to you, don't expect your cat to love it from the get-go instantly.

So how would you persuade your pet to get into a backpack carrier without any hassle?

Here are some tips to help you train your cat and make it fall in love with its backpack carrier.

Keep it a habit

Cats typically dislike unfamiliar things, and it's their instinctive response to stay away from objects that they're not accustomed to.

So expect them to refuse to get near a carrier upon introducing it to them. The best thing you could do is to include the backpack carrier in the cat's daily routine.

Place the carrier in a spot where your cat can always see it. Moreover, always leave the backpack open to allow the cat to come in and go whenever it likes.

Give it time. Your cat may need some time to get familiar with the carrier. Also, when it does, it will get used to the object eventually.

Another critical thing to remember is to never push or force anything on your cat. The more you force your cat to do something, the more it will resist.

best cat backpacks

Lure them with the smell

One of the reasons why cats detest backpack carriers is the unpleasant smell. Some of the materials used in most carrier backpacks give off some weird smell that is unpleasant to cats.

Remember that cats have stronger sense of smell than humans. The unpleasant smell on new cat carriers will eventually fade away.

However, you can expedite this by leaving it open on a ventilated place for 2 to 3 days.

After that, pick the things that your cat is using on a regular basis and put them inside the carrier.

You can put its favorite toy, its blanket, or your shirt inside the backpack to lure it inside and get familiar with it.


Now that you know how to choose the best cat backpack, you might have some particular brands in your mind right now based on our list of recommendations.

Generally, you need a cat backpack carrier that could give comfort for both you and your cat.

While support is the most pressing concern when it comes to a cat carrier, we should also pay attention to the safety of your cat.

You need to make sure that the interior is free from any sharp edges that may injure your cat inside.

Furthermore, do not feed your within one hour before the trip. This is to avoid instances of vomiting or popping inside the carrier.

For more buying guides and reviews try to check out Miauland.