Best Indoor Cat Enclosures

Best Indoor Cat Enclosures – Top 7 picks!

Indoor cat enclosures can be a great addition to your home. Sometimes, our feline friends need to be separated from one another or temporarily kept on their own for a variety of reasons. There are a variety of factors that go into choosing one of the Best Indoor Cat Enclosures which inspired us to write this buying guide.

For example, you may need an indoor cat enclosure to give an older cat space from younger kittens or keep a kitten in one place while you administer medicine. You can also use it to give a new cat a safe environment in which to acclimate to its new environment while your other cats get used to their new companion. Or, it could be as simple as needing a place to put your cat while you cook because they like to swipe ingredients from the counter.

Whatever your reason may be for buying a cat enclosure, you should consider a number of factors. In a hurry, here are our Top 3 Best Cat Enclosures:

Professional Grade

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Midwest Cat Enclosure


Best Choice

prevue pet cat enclosure

Prevue Cat Enclosure


Best Design

IRIS enclosure for cats indoors

IRIS Cat Enclosure


The Prevue Indoor Cat Enclosureu00a0offers a spacious and comfortable environment for your cats. It’s designed with no pinch points and wide gaps to protect cat paws. Furthermore, the enclosure for cats comes with two hammocks and flat platforms –plenty of room for rest, relaxation, and fun for your cats! Some cats just want a place to rest away from the commotion of whatever is happening in your home. The Prevue Indoor Cat Enclosure gives them plenty of options for a safe, relaxing space they can retreat to within the cage.

The Deluxe enclosure model clocks in at around $125 for a smaller structure that is ideal for one or two small cats. The Premium enclosure model, priced at around $151, is significantly larger and gives your cat a ton of extra space to roam around in. The added space and numerous platforms make it a great value for the price.

Lastly, the added benefit of easy assembly which you can setup in less than 20 minutes and you have an excellent enclosure for your furry friends.u00a0 This is honestly one of the best indoor cat enclosures on the market.

The Midwest Cat Enclosure for Indoors playpen features locking wheels for easy transportation. Moving the enclosure around your house means you’ll always be able to see your cats as they relax and play within the cage.

The Midwest Playpen comes with a free small cat bed that fits snugly onto one of the pen’s three platforms, ensuring a restful escape for your cat while they spend time in the enclosure.

Two doors, one on the lower level and one on the top level, give you easy access to the cat enclosure. This feature makes it easy for you take your cat in and our of the cat enclosure. If you only need an enclosure on a temporary basis, this one folds down to a flat, easily-transportable shape.u00a0 In addition, this makes it great for storing since it folds into a small space.

Moreover, you can purchase the cat bed or platforms separately, so if yours undergoes normal wear and tear, you can easily replace the items.u00a0 In terms of size, this is one of the smaller cat cages in terms of height.u00a0 So if you’re limited on height space then this would be the best cat enclosure to get.

The BestPet Indoor Enclosure for Cats is an excellent choice for female cats since the beds are pink and the hammock is pink. It’s packed with features that cats love, and its size gives your felines plenty of room to play and explore within the enclosure.

This indoor cat enclosure is ideal for 1 to 3 cats thanks to its massive size. It comes with some great accessories to keep your cat occupied, as well, including a hammock, two rest platforms, and metal ladders to help your cats climb to the kennel’s higher levels. Three oversized doors on the front of the enclosure allow for quick and easy access to clean the litter box or give your cats a treat.

At less than $100, the price tag is an excellent value for the size of this cat enclosure.u00a0 If you’re looking for a big space, this is the best pick!

The Yaheetech indoor cat enclosure is super durable and sits on 7 different wheels for easy transportation. It’s two-tiered, making it an ideal fit for two cats, and the platform offers your pet a view of everything going on outside the enclosure.u00a0 In addition, there’s plenty of room for you put your own cat toys inside or hang some animals from the top.

This enclosure is one of the cheaper cat cages on our list so it’s perfect for those on a budget.u00a0 If you’re only looking for something that is two tiers with a low price, this is definitely the best cat enclosure for you.

The benefit of theu00a0Amazon Basics Cat Enclosure model is its simplicity and a relatively decent price. This cat kennel enclosure has three plain platforms that allow you to decorate it to your (and your cat’s) taste.u00a0 Whether you want to put a bed, stuff toys, or cat puzzles that it be up to you.

The structure rolls on lockable wheels for maximum mobility, and it comes with a 1-year Amazon Basics warranty.u00a0 At less than $100 it provides some of the best value as compared to the other 3 tier cat kennels.

The IRIS model playpen is extra tall, allowing space for up to three cats.u00a0 If you just have one cat, this kennel with give your cat plenty of space to play in for long periods of time.

Even for such a large enclosure (almost six feet tall!), it is easily transported with locking wheels. If you need a smaller enclosure, IRIS also offers a two-tier version of this enclosure. The three platforms offer multiple vantage points for your pet to explore.u00a0 If needed, you can fold this cat kennel flat for easy storage when it’s not being used.

The Elitefield soft cat enclosure is a versatile option that can serve a number of purposes. If you just need to keep your cats contained for a short period of time, it’s a great option because it easily folds up for storage and pops right up quickly for setup.

Pockets on the outside hold toys, accessories, and a water bottle in case you want to take the fun outside without your cat running off. The Elitefield cat pen comes in a number of sizes so you can choose the one that works best for your pet.

Though it serves a different purpose than the tiered cages that accompany it on this list, the Elitefield cat enclosure can be the ideal choice for those on a budget. However, since this is a soft cat enclosure, it won’t be as durable as a metal cat enclosure.

Why Should You Buy an Indoor Cat Enclosure?

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There are a number of reasons to purchase an enclosure for your cat. Cats are creatures that love to explore, and you should avoid confining them often, but there are plenty of scenarios that make having an enclosure a huge benefit.

Cats love their space. Of course, they love their owners, but oftentimes our feline friends need a place they can retreat to when they’re scared, tired, or just want to play with some of their toys. A cat boarding cage can be a perfect getaway for your cat to spend some alone time.

If you have smaller pets who reside in cages or kennels around your house but need to roam free occasionally (guinea pigs, ferrets, etc.), a cat enclosure is perfect for your home. You can use it to give your cat a safe space while your smaller furry friends run around without having to worry about them getting stressed with a predator around.

If you have a dog who occasionally likes to give your cats a bit of a chase, a playpen can be an excellent addition to your home, giving your cats the opportunity to rest and relax away from larger animals.u00a0 It’s useful for separating two different animals that don’t get along.

Or, if you’re just a cat owner, sometimes you need to keep your cats separate for a variety of reasons. Whether its giving cats medicine, keeping younger cats separate from an alpha, or just giving them their own space to play, an enclosure can work wonders for your pets.

How to Choose an Indoor Cat Enclosure?

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When you’re choosing an enclosure, keep in mind the number of cats you have and the purpose of the enclosure.

For more than one cat, we recommend getting a three-tiered structure so your pets have plenty of space to roam within the enclosure. This is especially helpful if your enclosure is simply meant for a safe retreat for your cats.

If your primary reason for an enclosure is to care for the health of a cat or kitten, choose a model with multiple doors so you have easy access to them when administering medicine.

For temporary needs, such as giving a kitten its own space until it’s big enough to hold its own against your older cats, an enclosure with wheels or folding capability is key. You can roll the kennel out of the way and store it for later use without it cluttering your home.

What To Put In An Indoor Cat Enclosure?

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First, be sure your cat has access to water and a litter box within the enclosure. If you open feed your cat, a bowl of food is a must as well. Make sure your cat’s needs are met before you jump into toys and accessories.

From there, give your cat options to play and to relax. Toys are a big benefit, allowing your feline to practice its hunting and keep its mind occupied. Little mouse toys, balls, and string attached to the ceiling are all great options. Avoid loose yarn/stringy toys that can get wrapped around the metal of the cage, or you could risk injuring your furry friend.

Comfort is also key. Many enclosures come with hammocks, beds, and platforms. Make sure your cat has plenty of rest options within the enclosure. A bed, a hanging hammock, and a few blankets should do the trick. If they have a favorite resting spot in your house, do your best to replicate it in the enclosure so they feel at home!

Finally, give them a scratch pad or two–gotta keep those nails groomed!

Where To Place Your Cat Enclosure?

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Our feline friends like to know what’s going on! Be sure you don’t place the enclosure somewhere that will obstruct their view of their surroundings, and keep it in a room where you’ll often be.

Also be sure to keep your enclosure free from any frightening distractions like loudspeakers, TVs, or doors that open suddenly. Your cat should feel comfortable and safe in its enclosure.

If you plan on leaving your cat in the enclosure for any period of time, try placing it by a window so they have plenty to see while you’re gone.

Conclusion for Best Indoor Cat Enclosures (2020)

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Indoor cat enclosures are great for separating cats from other animals, giving them their own space, or simply because you don’t want your cat to destroy something in your house.

We hope that you enjoyed our article on the Best Indoor Cat Enclosures and found the perfect one for you.u00a0 Don’t forget to decorate your cat enclosure with plenty of toys, or strings!