How to apply revolution for cats

A flea treatment ideal for your pet, how to apply revolution for cats

One of the things you should look out for when you have a cat is a possible parasite infestation. To avoid this, you must know how often and how thorough you need to groom your pet. Additionally, you should know how to apply Revolution for cats.

To make sure that you’d be doing it right here is the step by step procedure on how to apply Revolution for cats. 

  • Bathe your cat and then dry it thoroughly.
  • Wash your hands.
  • Restrain your cat gently and find the spot to apply the treatment.
  • The spot should be on the base of the neck, just in front of the shoulder blades.
  • Part the fur until you see the skin and prepare the tube.
  • Squeeze the tube on the spot until it is empty.
  • Do not spread the treatment on the fur; instead, wash your hands immediately.

What is Revolution?

Revolution (selamectin) is an all-in-one flea and heartworm treatment for cats and dogs.

It is easy to administer and is, in fact, the first FDA-approved product of its kind.

Moreover, this treatment isn’t just for killing off parasites on your pets like flea collars. A regular Revolution cat flea treatment is useful to prevent future problems.

It is for cats of all breeds and all sizes. It is a proven product against adult fleas, flea eggs, flea larvae, ear mites, heartworm, hookworm, lice, and roundworm.

Applying this flea treatment on your feline is also pretty easy. The product is non-greasy and quick-drying, waterproof for 2 hours and has no unpleasant odor.

You can comfortably play with your feline again once the product has dried. 

Revolution on cats

How often should you apply the treatment?

Monthly application of the Revolution on your cat’s skin is enough to protect it from parasites for 30 days.
You need to apply treatment in front of your pet's shoulder blades, and after 2 hours, your feline’s protected.

Even if you bathe your cat, the procedure will still be useful. Furthermore, a single tube is suitable for a single dosage. 

Suggested Revolution pack sizes

As we mentioned before, a single Revolution tube should be used in one use.

With this premise, it is vital that you get the right tube size for your pet(if they are different colors, there should be a specification of scales on the instructions).

For kittens that weigh up to 2.5kg, you should opt for the pink tube. For bigger cats up to 7.5kg, you have to get the blue one. 

Possible side effects of the Revolution cat flea treatment

You may observe some temporary loss of hair on the spot where you applied for the medicine.

Another physical side effect you might observe on your cat is the flaking of its skin.

It may also upset your pet’s digestive system, although the occurrence of such is pretty rare.

As the pet owner, you might experience eye or skin irritation. Therefore, you have to wash your hands right after you empty the tube.

how to apply revolution for cats

Tips on applying the treatment

  • To help you remember, pick a date in a month that’s important for you.
  • You might also consider the 1st of every month, so it's easy to remember the due date.
  • If your pet’s uncooperative, you might want to ask help from another person to assist you.
  • Prepare and offer a cat treat while you are applying the product on your cat’s skin.

How does Revolution flea treatment work

When you apply this flea treatment for cats, it is immediately absorbed to the bloodstream. Internally, it kills heartworms and intestinal worms.
On the external aspect, although you applied it on just one spot, it spreads naturally on your pet’s skin.

After two hours, the treatment kills fleas, flea larvae, flea eggs, and other parasites that may infest your pet's hair.

Regardless of the length of your cat's coat, the treatment will be excellent and useful for the entire month.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Do I need a prescription to buy a Revolution for my cat?
Yes, Revolution is a prescription medication so you would need one from your veterinarian before you can buy a tube. Although online, you may purchase a container without a prescription.

Q: At what age is it safe to apply Revolution on kittens?
You may start applying the medication on kittens when they’re eight weeks of age.

Q: Does the treatment kill fleas instantly?
The treatment can kill adult fleas and prevent flea eggs from hatching. Although you may still see a few on your cat, you should expect that at least 98% will die within 36 hours after application.

Q: Is the Revolution safe for cats in case they lick it?
The product is quite bitter and distasteful for felines. If they accidentally licked it, their automatic response would be profuse salivation. However, if the cat ingested quite a large quantity of the treatment, it can be harmful as it is intended for external application only.

Q: When can you bathe your pet after applying the treatment?
It is advised that you bathe or shampoo your cat at least 24 hours after application so as not to diminish its effectiveness.

Q: Do indoor cats also need Revolution?
Yes, indoor cats also need it. 

Closing Words

The Revolution cat treatment surely is beneficial for your pet.
So if you don’t have one yet, we recommend that you visit a veterinarian and ask for a prescription.





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