DIY options, homemade kitten teething toys

Nothing could be more adorable than kittens, but they can be surprising in so many ways.

Don't you know that they also go through teething just like human babies? Check out these fantastic homemade kitten teething toys that you can easily create at home.

Teething is a natural part of a kitten growing up. While some kittens can handle teething well, there are those that may need a helpful intervention from their owners.

Kittens are born toothless. At around two weeks of age, they'll need to grow 26 ‘baby' or ‘milk' teeth. The baby teeth will start to break through and pierce the kitten's gums.

As a result, the kitten may manifest unusual behaviors such as chewing and biting. However, don't worry because this is entirely normal.

All of its teeth must have grown by about six weeks of age. However, remember that not all kitties grow at the same rate.

Some kitties can grow all of their baby teeth earlier or later than that. Check your kitties’ teeth when they’re about 9 or 10 weeks old. By this time, all of their baby teeth should have grown.

If there are missing teeth by this stage, consult your vet to check the real cause of it. However, that's not the end of the teething phase.

When they are about six months of age, they should have lost their baby teeth to make room for adult teeth.

A new set of teeth will begin to poke through the gums, and these will become their permanent teeth.

Overall, the teething stage may start as early as two weeks in most kittens and will last up to 6 months.

During this stage, expect your feline pet to get prone to biting or chewing things.

Sometimes, they would get too talkative as a way of saying that they're not comfortable with the pain of teething.

Other signs of dental discomfort may include drooling, inflamed gums, pawing at the mouth, bleeding gums, and bad breath.

Keep in mind that baby teeth are delicate and these can easily break if they bite something fierce.

You can aid your pets by giving them teething toys that are made explicitly for teething kittens.

To alleviate the pain caused by growing teeth, the teething toy should be soft enough to massage the gums. Additionally, a plushy toy has no potential to injure the gums or break the teeth.

The toy should also be durable and designed to withstand excessive biting and chewing. It should be something that won’t unravel when chewed on.

Remember that small debris from a torn-apart toy can become choking hazards when swallowed.

However, if you don't like the idea of investing in cat toys, then you can also resort to homemade kitten teething toys.

Anyone can make their own homemade kitten teething toys using some regular items that can be found at home.

If you're ready to create your DIY teething toys then check out these great ideas:

DIY Teething Toys for Your Kittens

Here are eight amazing ideas for homemade kitten teething toys that you can try at home:

1. Homemade Kitten Teething Toys Pom Pom Balls

homemade kitten teething toys

Kittens will surely love to play with colorful pom pom balls. These furry balls made of wool yarn would be a sure hit to any young feline.

You can hang these balls in places where they can easily swing at. Alternatively, you can roll them on the floor and let your pets chase them.

Materials needed:

  • wool yarn
  • scissors
  • wooden stick (optional)


  • Using your thumb, hold one end of the wool yarn thread on the palm of your hand.
  • Wrap your four fingers with the thread for about 50 times.
  • Use a separate thread to tie the wrapping yarn in the middle.
  • After tying the yarn thread tightly, remove it from your finger. The yarn should take the shape of butterfly wings.
  • To create a furry exterior like that of a pom pom ball, cut the thread that forms the wings using a pair of scissors.
  • Arrange the threads to make it form a pom pom ball.

Use wool yarns of different colors for more exciting variations. You can attach the pom pom ball on a wooden stick to play with your cat or give to them for the chase.

2. Kitten Chew Toys Magic Wand

homemade kitten teething toys

Dangling ribbons will undoubtedly ignite the playful side of any kitty. This particular toy is easy to make; even kids can easily make it.

Materials needed:

  • satin ribbons (unused),
  • scissors,
  • glue guns,
  • stick


  • Cut the satin ribbon approximately 15 cm long.
  • Make 5 or 10 of these ribbons.
  • Paste the ribbons one by one at the end of the stick using a glue gun.
  • Once all the ribbons are attached to the stick, cover the attachment point with glue to make the tip more stable.
  • Wait for the glue to dry.
  • Wave the magic wand and let your kitten chase after it.

If you’re planning to use this at as a chew toy, never put feathers on it as these are potential choking hazards for your kitty.

3. Catnip Pouch, Homemade Kitten Teething Toys

homemade kitten teething toys

Nothing is more attractive and pleasant to felines than catnip. That is why catnip toys are must-haves in every household with cats.

Toys stuffed with catnip will undoubtedly keep them energized and will make them want to play more.

These could be a great distraction if your kitten is suffering from the pain and discomfort of teething.

Materials needed:

  • dry catnip
  • clean socks
  • polyester fiber (polyfill)


  • Apply a pinch of dried catnip on polyfill and distribute it throughout the soft fiber.
  • Insert the polyfill into the socks.
  • Tie the end of the socks tightly to make sure that the catnip won’t come out and to securely confine the scent inside.
  • You can now let your pet enjoy this catnip pouch.

It is advisable to wash the socks and refill the stuffing now and then. These catnip pouches can quickly get dirty with constant biting so make sure to check that they are clean.

4. Ball Yarn DIY Teething Toys

homemade kitten teething toys

One of the most classic and still one of the most favorite toys among kitties is the traditional ball yarn.

Our furry friends seem to go nuts with the sight of a ball made of yarn. It would keep them busy for hours just trying to tangle the yarn.

Materials needed:

  • wool yarn,
  • plastic balls,
  • scissors,
  • glue,
  • catnip powder (optional)


  • Using the scissors, poke some holes around the plastic ball.
  • Insert the yarn thread through one of the holes and pull it out from the other hole.
  • Wrap the plastic ball with the yarn thread through the holes.
  • Cover the ball entirely with yarn and insert the remaining end of the thread to finish it.

You can also insert some catnip powder into the ball through the holes before covering it with wool yarn.

5. Cardboard Rat Cat Chew Toys

homemade kitten teething toys

Get your kitty all worked up by letting it chase its favorite prey, a rat.

Furthermore, get your creativity all worked up with this easy tutorial in making cardboard rats.

Materials needed:

  • a piece of cardboard,
  • mouse pattern,
  • cutter knife,
  • glue


  • Outline the mouse pattern on the cardboard surface.
  • Use the cutter knife to cut the pattern out.
  • Paste the patterns together with the use of the glue.
  • Put some creativity into it by enhancing the eyes and tail of your cardboard rat.

You can also insert stuffing such as polyfill or wool yarn for the rat’s body. To heighten your pet’s excitement, you can dab a pinch of dried catnip in the stuffing.

6. Snake Toys, Homemade Kitten Teething Toys

homemade kitten teething toys

Don’t throw your old socks just yet. Instead, you can make an exciting cat toy out of your used socks.

Felines love to chase and catch wriggling things, and small snakes perfectly fit this description very well.

Now, it’s time to turn your old socks into small snakes and let the chasing begin.

Materials needed:

  • socks,
  • scissors,
  • paper or tissue debris,
  • catnip powder,
  • rubber bands,
  • small bells,
  • threads and needles


  • Cut the papers into strips or tear some tissue papers into shreds.
  • Fill the sock with any of your preferred stuffing in moderate amount as to not make it too full.
  • Insert some catnip powder into the sock.
  • Add the small bell afterwards.
  • Tie the sock's opening with a rubber band, allotting some extra length for the tail.
  • Create the snake’s head by tying another rubber band near the other end of the sock.
  • With the use of needles and threads, sew the eyes, nose, and mouth of the snake.

Some people often use googly eyes to make the snake more realistic. However, these googly eyes can become choking hazards for kittens.

7. Scratching Pillar DIY Teething Toys for Kittens

homemade kitten teething toys

During the teething phase, kittens usually paw at their mouths as a sign of intense irritation.

Help them ease their discomfort by providing a scratching post where they can vent their frustration.

Materials needed:

  • cardboard boxes,
  • scissors,
  • double-sided tape,
  • shoebox lid,
  • catnip powder (optional)


  • Lay the shoe box lid with its interior side facing upwards.
  • Measure the width and height (not the length) of the shoe box lid.
  • Use the scissors to cut the cardboard sheet into rectangular strips following the same measurements of the shoe box lid.
  • Attach the double-sided tape to the interior side of the shoe box lid.
  • Paste the cardboard strips into the lid in sideways position, so the jagged edges are facing upwards.
  • Fill the entire lid with the cardboard strips.
  • You can also sprinkle catnip powder on the rough part of the cardboard strips.

8. Frozen Washcloths Homemade Kitten Teething Toys

Frozen washcloths as teething toys? It may not sound right, but you'll be surprised how useful these things are teething toys for your kitty.

Just soak a washcloth in water, wring it out then place it in the freezer. When frozen, your kitty can chew on it as much as it likes.

Be aware, however. Frozen washcloths don't stay frozen and rigid for a long time. You may need to repeat the process every time the ice melts away.

Furthermore, monitor your kitty to make sure that it doesn’t bite off a chunk of the cloth and accidentally swallow it.

Are Teething Toys Safe?

homemade kitten teething toys

Homemade kitten teething toys are easy and fun to make. Plus, it will save you much money from buying expensive cat toys in the market.

Whether you decide to make your own or conveniently buy them from the store, teething toys are indeed essential for kittens. However, are these toys safe for our delicate kitties?

The safety of your pet will depend on the materials being used in these toys. Teething toys are intended to be chewed on by our young furry friends.

If the materials can be easily ripped apart, then it may be considered as a choking hazard.

On the other hand, tough materials can potentially damage your kitty's delicate baby teeth.

It is therefore essential to check that the material being used in the toys are soft but durable enough to withstand tear and wear.


When kitties begin to teething, they tend to chew everything in sight. This can become dangerous if they happen to stumble upon electric cables or poisonous houseplants.

One of the best ways to keep them away from these dangerous objects is to give them appropriate teething toys.

These toys are designed to be chewed on by kitties, and these may help alleviate the discomfort of teething.

Homemade kitten teething toys are great alternatives if you want to save money. Plus, it can be a creative and fun way to bond with your kids as you create these toys together.

If you choose to make your own homemade kitten teething toys, then you only need to supervise your pet while they're playing.

No matter what kind of toys they're playing with, it is crucial to keep a close eye on them.

Remember that kittens are at their most delicate stage. Accidentally swallowing something inappropriate may pose severe problems to them.


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