Fluffly kitten to love and enjoy: Ginger cat

Ginger cats also called ‘orange cats,' are considered one of the most beloved and most popular household felines. Moreover, there are many reasons why you should love them too.

Contrary to some beliefs, ginger cats are not a distinct breed. The term ‘ginger' refers to the coat color

This means that any feline breeds that have orange coat are entitled to the name ‘ginger cats.' Aside from this name, kitties with orange fur are also called marmalade, butter, yellow, butterscotch or caramel.

However, regardless of the name you choose to call them, there's no denying that ginger cats are the most favorite among feline lovers.

More pet owners are getting their ginger kittens. Moreover, why not? A kitty with a striking orange coat color is indeed irresistible.

Domestic ginger cats can either be short-haired or long-haired. So, you have the option to choose between a non-shedding short-haired one and a fluffy ginger cat.

However, ginger cats are more than just their stunning orange fur. They also have charming personalities and amusing behavioral traits that make them excellent pets.

Tabby is the most common pattern in ginger cats. Because of this, they are also referred to as ‘orange tabbies.'

Just like the ‘ginger’ color, the term ‘tabby’ also denotes a pattern and not an individual breed. There’s a wide variety of tabby patterns to choose from, ranging from stripes to swirls to spots.

If you’re looking for an orange-colored feline pet, you’ll be introduced to a myriad of coat patterns and breeds to choose from.

Color and Pattern

ginger kitten

Ginger cats don't possess the same hue. Although they are called ‘orange tabbies,' the color may have some variation of a cream-colored hue or a reddish color

Their orange fur is due to the predominance of a pigment called pheomelanin – the same pigment responsible for producing red hair in humans.

Ginger tabbies typically have white stripes with a shade of orange. If not striped, orange tabbies may either have swirls, mackerel fishbone pattern, spots or patches.

The tabby pattern can provide an excellent camouflage for wild felines in sneaking up on their prey in the wild. This is probably the most plausible explanation for their fantastic hunting skills.

How tabby pattern came into existence is still a mystery up to now. This pattern is often seen in several ancient depictions of felines which can date back to the earliest of times.

For ginger tabbies, the orange color is a naturally occurring mutation.

However, the most distinguishing feature of orange tabbies is their distinctive ‘M' marking on their forehead.

What Makes Ginger Cats so Special?

fluffy ginger cat

Pet owners who have raised a ginger cat can only understand how special these kitties are.

For the most part, orange tabbies are affectionate and social creatures. However, since tabbies can represent a wide variety of feline breeds, their personalities and temperaments can significantly vary.

In general, ginger cats are friendly and very high-spirited regardless of their breed. So, you can never go wrong with orange tabbies no matter what race they belong to.

One of the surprising things is that there no ginger kittens with a full solid orange coat coloring. As mentioned earlier, they either have stripes or spots on their coats.

Furthermore, the majority of orange tabbies are males. 80% of their entire population consists of males and the remaining 20% of females.

Moreover, since male kitties are more playful than their female counterparts, this may explain why orange tabbies are incredibly playful.

Ginger cats have literally ‘gingered up’ both the fiction world and the real world with their unparalleled cuteness.

They have been the inspiration for many fictional characters and even cast in several movies for their captivating looks.

Famous Ginger Cats


Ginger cat

Award-winning tabby Orangey made his biggest splash on the screen when he starred alongside Audrey Hepburn in 1961 film ‘Breakfast at Tiffany's.'

However, this is not the first he appeared in a movie. Orangey made his debut in acting in 1952 film ‘Rhubarb' where he played the role of baseball team owner.

Amazingly, Orangey won two Patsy awards for these two films. He may be best remembered for these two classic films. However, he also appeared in other movies such as ‘Gigot' (1962) and ‘Village of the Giants' (1965).

His most extended running gig was in the TV series ‘Our Miss Brooks' where he played the role of Minerva the Cat.


You've probably had your mind blown when you discovered that the entire Milky Way galaxy is contained inside a stone tied to a cat's collar.

Sounds familiar? The name Orion certainly rings a bell if you've watched the 1997 film ‘Men in Black.'

Despite appearing to have an insignificant role at first, Orion turned out to have a very significant role as a ‘guardian of the galaxy.'


ginger kitten

In the 1979 movie ‘Alien,' the Starship Nostromo embarked on a voyage containing seven crews and one short-haired ginger cat named Jones.

Jones was kept aboard to control rodents inside the spaceship. However, when the crew got their horrible encounter with the xenomorphs, all of them were brutally massacred on the ship, except for Lt. Ripley.

Luckily for Jones, the aliens did not attack him. Moreover, the only survivors of the ill-fated voyage were Ripley and Jones.


Harry Potter fanatics will surely remember this ginger Himalayan cat as Hermione’s pet. He was purchased by Hermione from the Magical Menagerie where she was initially looking for an owl.

However, Hermione decided to take him when the seller told her that nobody wants to buy the ginger cat.

During his stay in Hogwarts, Crookshanks is often seen hunting Scabbers (rodents) in the Great Hall.

At the heat of the Second Wizarding War, Crookshanks took refuge in the Weasley’s home and was never seen again after the war.

Popular Fictional Ginger Cats


fluffy ginger cat

When Jim Davis created a fluffy ginger cat comic character, Garfield, little did he know that it would take the world by storm.

Since 1978, Garfield has delighted every reader around the world with his unique personality and his obsession for lasagna.

Davis’ work holds the Guinness World Book Record for being the most widely syndicated comic strip in the world.

Currently, Garfield has spawned several animated adaptations including two animated films, two animated TV series, and three animated direct-to-video movies.

Orlando (The Marmalade Cat) 

Kathleen Hale’s series of illustrated children’s book starred an adorable orange tabby named Orlando.

The first book was printed in 1938, and the exciting escapades of the Marmalade Cat continued until 1972 when the last book was released.

Hale was granted the most excellent order of the British Empire, the OBE, in 1976.

The adventures of Orlando became the subject of the ‘Children’s Hour’ broadcasted on BBC’s radio.

Puss in Boots (Shrek)

Ginger cat

Who could ever resist those big, begging eyes of Puss in Boots? The character itself was based on the European literary fairy tale where he was initially named ‘The Booted Cat.'

However, it was the movie ‘Shrek 2’ that introduced the funny ginger cat Puss and his amusing Spanish accent.

As Shrek's sidekick, Puss is a strong fighter who can use his sword with precision in fighting the bad guys. However, when pushed in a corner, Puss has no choice but to unleash his deadliest weapon – his tantalizing eyes.

In 2011, Puss got his self-titled movie because the world can't get enough of his irresistible charm.

Ginger Tabby Stereotypes

Because of the popularity of ginger cats, thanks to film castings and fictional characters, people have given these kitties certain stereotypes.

Orange tabbies are often described as lazy felines due to the depiction of the fluffy ginger cat Garfield.

Although some people would dispute that they are one of the most energetic felines, as depicted by Orlando and Puss.

These famous depictions of orange tabbies have raised mixed opinions with regards to the personality of these kitties.

However, in reality, orange tabbies have no conventional personalities, and each is unique on his or her own.

Some orange tabbies are athletic while others may prefer to lounge around.

One thing is sure, however. Orange tabbies are social felines that can do well in the company of people.

Besides, they wouldn't have been cast in several films if they're not friendly. Moreover, they may be one of the most intelligent felines that can follow a director's instructions.

Personality and Temperament

ginger kitten

The breed of a certain tabby has something to do with its character and temperament. So, it's a bit complicated to interpret their qualities and characteristics.

However, they do have something in common. Ginger cats are not the aggressive types of felines. They are more laid back and more relaxed than other kitties.

Due to their intelligence and social nature, they are often compared to dogs regarding personality.

Like dogs, orange tabbies would prefer the company of people and can be easily trained. They have been the favorite among pet owners because of their affectionate and lovable character.

According to some animal enthusiasts, the color of the coat may have a connection with the animal’s personality.

Ginger or orange color is often associated with joy, enthusiasm, warmth, freedom, enjoyment, and creativity. In color psychology, orange denotes the color of adventure and social interaction.

Considering all these information, we can't help but agree that coat color may influence the personality.

Behavioral Traits


fluffy ginger cat

Most ginger cats love to hunt rodents, particularly mice. So, if you have an orange tabby in the house, you’ll never have to worry about pesky mice anymore.

They would find enjoyment in chasing mice around as a form of hunting and entertainment.


Mice aside, orange tabbies tend to live harmoniously with other household pets. They can even get along well with dogs.

Some kitties would shy away from guests but not the orange tabbies. They won't mind people approaching them, and they can even play with strangers.


Orange tabbies are loving felines. However, let us remind you that they also develop their favorite humans.

They usually form a powerful attachment to the person whom they mingle with most of the times. So, if you want the affection of orange tabbies, make sure to spend some time with them.


Ginger cats are fast learners. With patience and determination on your part, you can even teach them to perform easy tricks.


Ginger cat

Make sure to give them some time in the outdoors to let their wild side set free. In the outdoors, they can run and climb trees as much as the like.

Allowing them to play outdoors is beneficial for both of you. This is a good exercise for them, and it also helps keep your furniture safe from their sharp claws.

If outdoor risks are too high, make sure to provide plenty of toys and play tunnels indoors to keep them occupied.

Big Appetite

ginger kitten

This is where Garfield comes to mind. Even, in reality, orange tabbies love to eat. It's important to make sure that they are properly fed with a well-balanced diet.

Please choose the appropriate cat food and monitor the amount that you're giving them. Of course, lasagna is out of the question because this food is inappropriate for them. Again, this is a case in which fiction should not be taken so seriously.

Keep in mind that they can eat as much as they can. Leaving them with too much food is not a good idea because this could lead to obesity.

Keep your pet's weight in check by providing them with a moderate amount of food and allowing them to get plenty of exercises.


As loving pets, they would appreciate if you snuggle them or let them rest on your lap. For them, this is the best way of relaxation after an exhausting day.

Gently brushing their fur can help them cool down and relax. Additionally, spending a relaxing time with your kitty on your lap could also soothe you down after a tiring day.


Ginger cats may come in only one shade of color but their personality come in all shades.

All the attractive qualities that every cat lovers could ever dream of name it and ginger cats surely have it.

Taking care of a ginger kitten is a priceless experience as you get to form a strong bond with a loyal pet.

Nothing could even compare to their affection towards their favorite humans.

Do you prefer an affectionate ginger kitten? Alternatively, would you rather have an independent pet that won't bother you a lot?

You have the option to choose a particular breed of your choice if personality is what you're after. Besides, certain traits are inherent to certain kinds of feline.

However, regardless of the breed, ginger cats are generally charming. A vividly-colored ginger kitten would stand out among the rest.

Do you prefer a fluffy ginger cat over the short-haired one? If so, there’s a perfect match for you out there.

Whether you prioritize the looks over the personality (or vice versa) in choosing a pet, you can never go wrong with a ginger cat.

Both their stunning appearance and witty personality have made them the ‘superstars' in the feline kingdom.

Moreover, because they never fail to fascinate us, we don't mind if they take away the spotlight.

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