Sleeping in comfort: do cats need a bed?

Just like us, cats also need food, air, water, shelter, and sleep to survive and thrive. However, do cats need a bed?

We usually find them sleeping in random places inside the house. Be it at the foot of your bed, inside the wardrobe, inside a cardboard box, or even on top of your laptops.

Feral or stray kitties even sleep under a deck, in abandoned buildings, or down in a storm drain. To put it just, cats can sleep almost anywhere.

As indigenous desert dwellers, they travel throughout a very vast desert to hunt for their food. This also means that they are adapted to sleep almost everywhere.

Since they can sleep anywhere on the floor, on top of shelves, or even on a windowsill, do cats need a bed?

It’s only natural to ask this question especially if your kitty doesn’t seem to mind sleeping in random places.

Making sure that they are getting plenty of sleep is very important. Felines generally sleep up to 16 hours a day making them one of the sleepiest animals on the planet. However, why do they sleep so much?

Cats are crepuscular animals or those that are primarily active during twilight between dusk and dawn.

This is because they have the physiology of a wild hunter that is hardwired to chase and hunt for their prey at night.

Although some of them have been domesticated, they still retain this natural sleeping habit.

However, after some time, domestic kitties can easily adjust their sleeping habits to spend more time with their humans.

Typically, felines are deep sleepers, and they usually curl up with their eyes tightly closed in their sleep.

Moreover, since they are vulnerable during sleep, they prefer to sleep in a safe and secure place.

During colder months, they would search for a warm and cozy place to snooze.

Our furry friends are very flexible when it comes in choosing places for sleeping.

As long as they feel comfortable and secured in a particular spot, it can become their ideal sleeping place.

So, do cats need a bed? Is it a good idea to purchase one for your kitty?

Let's try to settle this query once and for all. Yes, cats need a bed. Also, there are several good reasons why you should give one to your feline pet.

Why Cats Need Beds?

Do cats need a bed

Why do cats need a bed? Here are some of the reasons why you should buy a cat bed for your favorite feline:


Known to be finicky creatures, felines are very meticulous when it comes to their sleeping place.

For them, the most critical factor in choosing a place to sleep in comfort.

Why do some kitties prefer to sleep inside wardrobes? It is because the clean clothes stored inside can serve as a comfortable, soft mattress for them to sleep.

However, why do some kitties like to lay on top of computers or laptops? Which are far from being soft and plushy?

The only probable explanation to this is that they find the warmth of these electronic things pleasant and snug.

With a cat bed, you can both provide a warm and soft place where your kitty can comfortably take a nap or snooze.

You can easily place it in suitable spots depending on your pet’s preference.

For example, if your furball prefers a warmer sleeping spot with lots of light, then you can place it near a window.

However, if your pet prefers a dark and quiet place for sleep, then you may place it under your bed or somewhere secluded.

Every kitty has their favorite place to nap. Some kitties may even prefer sleeping in high areas such as on top of bookcases or other furniture.

Observe your pet and take note of its preferred places. This should give you an idea of where to place the cat bed.

Proper Position

Do cats need a bed

The position of the body plays a vital role in achieving a good quality of sleep.

Improper position can bring strain in the body and may cause misalignment of the muscles.

A bed with limited space can also limit your sleeping position. Hence, it doesn't allow you to stretch your body and form an area that is most comfortable for you.

The same is true for our feline pets. Choosing one that has the right size and shape allows your pet to be correctly positioned during sleep.

Moreover, it lets your kitty move freely and stretch its body while sleeping.


Do cats need a bed

Felines are the epitome of cleanliness, and they are scrupulous when it comes to cleanness.

One of the reasons why they don't stick to one sleeping spot is because they often leave hair and dander.

Naturally, they would look for another place if their previous sleeping spot isn’t as tidy as before.

Thankfully, cat beds are washable, and you can quickly get rid of any hair or dander.

Keeps your pet off the floor, couch or furniture

Bringing a comfortable cat bed would entice your kitty to stay off the cold floor. Of course, you don’t want your precious feline to catch some colds.

Furthermore, it will keep them off from using your couch or furniture as their sleeping spots.

Surprisingly, some kitties even claim the bathroom sink as a place for sleep. Giving them an appropriate bed to rest can help lure them away from these unsuitable places.


Do cats need a bed

Some pet owners allow their furry friends to sleep with them on their bed. However, should you do the same?

Do cats need a bed when they can use yours instead? Whether you allow your pet to sleep with you or not will depend on your point of view.

Concerns about sleep disruption and disease transmission have brought many pet owners into hesitation.

Should you share your bed with your kitty? While the idea of sleeping with your feline pet is quite tempting, you should also entertain the adverse effects that it may bring.

For sure, our furballs like to sleep next to us because they feel most secure in our presence.

Additionally, human warmth gives them that very comfortable and cozy feeling.

However, as crepuscular animals, they might wake you in the wee hours of the night.

Sleep interruptions can have adverse effects on a person's wake-sleep patterns.

Furthermore, there's no denying the possibility that our furry companions can transmit parasites and diseases to the people they sleep with.

Only if you're sure that your kitty is free from fleas or other parasites, then you may consider the idea.

However, allowing them to sleep with you also enable them to form a habit.

Over time, they would refuse to get separated from you at night, and this could be a problem on your part.

We can't always be with our pets all the time. If they happen to develop an extreme dependence on you, they may exhibit odd behaviors when you're not around.

Instead of allowing them to sleep with you, it's more advisable to get them their bed where they can rest on their own.

How to Choose the Right Cat Bed

Do cats need a bed

Beds designed explicitly for cats come in many different styles and sizes. Choosing the perfect one will entirely depend on your kitty's preference and personality.

Different manufacturers are using different types of materials to cater to the specific needs of cats. Now, it’s just a matter of finding the right one.

Here are some important factors to consider in selecting the purr-fect cat bed for your feline pet:


When it comes to bed, size does matter. As mentioned earlier, it should provide sufficient space where your pet can freely move and stretch its body.

Proper positioning is essential to ensure a good night sleep or a perfect nap.

Cat beds are available in different sizes so pick the one that can comfortably accommodate your furry companion.


Do cats need a bed

To meet the specific needs of most cats, manufacturers are coming up with their innovative designs and styles.

Different styles may include bolster, mats, cave, lounger, and many more. Additionally, these different types also come in different shapes.

Bolster-type is a traditional open bed that you can quickly move around to different areas of your house depending on your pet's preference.

Mats are flat mattresses that are thinner than bolster beds. You can just lay them anywhere give your pet an instant, comfortable napping place.

Cave beds are great options for kitties looking for a little privacy while they sleep.

The enclosed shape of this type offers more security and privacy making it an ideal choice for timid pets.

Loungers are perfect for homes with multiple kitties that love sleeping close to each other.

Heated or not?

Whether you go for a heated type or not, that would be for you to decide. There’s no doubt that a heated bed can offer myriads of health benefits to your feline pet.

Heated pads can help your pet maintain its body temperature during colder months.

Moreover, these types also help improve their immune system while keeping them warm and cozy.

If you're not comfortable with the idea of using an electrical appliance as a cat bed, then you can still opt for the unheated, traditional ones.

However, if your pet  a warmer bed, then an insulated type would be the better option.

Unlike the electrically heated types, warm beds make use of insulated materials to reflect the heat from your pet's body.

So, your kitty can have a hot bed by using its body warmth and without the need for electricity.


Do cats need a bed

Buy a particular model that is machine washable and also make sure that it’s made of materials that are easy to clean.

Too much hair and dander scattered throughout the bed is a big turn off to our meticulous felines.

Of course, the foul smell would certainly drive them away from their beds.

Always check to see if their beds are clean and odor-free. Machine-washable bed allows you to toss it in the washer whenever necessary simply.

What to Do If Your Kitty Shuns the Cat Bed

Do cats need a bed

This is not an unfamiliar scenario. You've bought the cutest (and the most expensive) cat bed out there thinking that your pet will jump right in.

Just to be disappointed at the reality that your kitty won’t even get near it. That would surely be frustrating for any pet owner.

One of the reasons why our furry friends avoid using a cat bed is that they’re not comfortable with the location.

This is where you need to be smart. For sure, there are that one or two particular spots where your kitty likes to lounge or nap.

Be observant and find out their most favorite sleeping spots. Once you discovered the spot, place the cat bed on that spot.

If your kitty still persistently ignore the bed after you’ve already placed it in its favorite location, try using other things to lure it in.

Sprinkle a little catnip on the cushion to make it more attractive to your furry buddy. If your pet is so drawn into you, you can place one of your shirts on the bed.

You can also place its favorite toys in it to further tempt your pet towards the bed.

Whatever the outcome is, don’t ever force your pet into the bed or yell at it just because it refuses to do as you say.

Instead, give your pet some yummy treats each time they get near the bed. Doing so will help your kitty form a positive association with the bed.


Do cats need a bed? Buying a bed for your kitty can benefit both you and your feline pet.

It provides an appropriate sleeping spot where it can improve your pet's quality of sleep.

Furthermore, it can develop their sense of independence by having to sleep on their own.

It is, therefore, necessary to get a cat bed for your feline pet. The most important thing to consider in choosing the best cat bed is your pet’s preferences and characteristics.

Understanding your pet's likes and should help you decide which particular type is best suited for your furball.

Choosing the best cat bed should be easy as long as you consider your pet's fondness.

However, the real challenge starts when you introduce the new bed to your furry companion.

You'll be fortunate if your pet immediately jumps into its new bed. However, it's highly likely that they would shy away from it.

Well, this is to be expected since felines tend to stay away from any strange thing that they're not accustomed to.

However, give it time. With proper encouragement, you can eventually coax your pet to get into its bed and use it.


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