Cats With Long Ears

The most CHARMING Cats with long ears

After a stressful day at work, all we want to do is play with our cats with long ears. 

One of the reasons why many individuals keep animals as pets is that these creatures relieve stress.

Therefore, these furry friends could not only help ease people's stress level away. But, they also serve as a fun and adorable companion.

If you are planning to take care of cats with long ears, here are some of the most popular breeds below. Additionally take a look at our general cat breeds guide here.

Miauland's Most Charming Cats With Long Ears

1. Abyssinian

Cats With Long Ears

One of the most famous cats with long ears is the Abyssinian. Known for its short hair and tabby coat which is banded with various colors, the nomenclature of the breed of this feline comes from the word Abyssinia.

The old name of Ethiopia, where the cat is believed to have its origins. The appearance of this furry creature is similar to a domestic one.

However, apart from its long pair of ears, the coat of this breed is “ticked,” making it unique from other breeds.

2. Cornish Rex

Cats With Long Ears

These felines are believed to originate from Cornwall in England.

One of the most distinctive features that this one has is its egg-shaped head. Which makes its big pair of ears look more prominent.

3. Devon Rex

Cats With Long Ears

The Devon Rex is a closely-related kitty breed to the previous Cornish Rex.

Although this breed belongs to the list of cats with long ears, this is not the only distinctive feature that made this breed popular.

This adorable creature has a pair of enormous eyes which makes it more irresistible.

Apart from this bizarre combination, this pet type is a bit intelligent.

However, although this type of pet is undeniably smart, it could be very challenging to motivate it.

4. Savannah

Cats With Long Ears

Aside from having massive ears, this particular feline breed is a head-turner because it resembles a wild cheetah.

Although this breed is relatively small in comparison to a cheetah, the Savannah breed holds a Guinness World Record.

Specifically, for being the tallest domestic cat, how awesome is that?

5. Sphynx

Cats With Long Ears

Apart from the fact that this type of kitty came about through a genetic mutation, the kitty is continuously bred because of its unique features.

Besides  its very apparent ears, this one is “coat-less.”

That is, this type of kitty does not contain any fur or hair in its body.

Despite being hairless, this breed became famous thanks to the Austin Powers comedy films.

6. Singapura

Cats With Long Ears

The name of this pet breed is the direct translation of Singapore in the Malaysian language.

Namely, because this pet type is believed to come from Singapore.

Although this type of cat is continuously mistaken for being an Abyssinian, the kitty is more distinct.

 Because of its relatively smaller size, its big and beautiful pair of ears are more visible.

7. Siamese

Cats With Long Ears

Famous for its nose color and elegant coat, Siamese is one of the most popular cat breeds owned by many families worldwide.

The name comes from the word Siam, the old name of Thailand, which is where the breed is believed to originate from.

Because of its unrelenting fame, this breed of cat is used to stock breed other breeds such as the Oriental.

Additionally, apart from its elegant appearance. This cat breed is famous because it is quite intelligent in comparison to other types.

Moreover, this cat breed is known for being affectionate and friendly.


Cats with long ears have an exceptional level of cuteness that most pet lovers find irresistible.

Therefore, if you are planning to adopt or purchase a pet, then make sure to consider Flat faced cat as an option as well.

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