Can cats eat strawberry

Do kittens and strawberries go along: Can cats eat strawberry?

Cats can eat strawberries, despite having little nutritional value to them. Namely, strawberries are non toxic to cats, and have anti-oxidant benefits.

Cats are inquisitive creatures, and they often get interested in the food we're eating.

They have susceptible organ functions making them susceptible to toxicity and illness if they eat something not appropriate for them.

Due to their delicate body systems, most pet owners are not confident with regards to the food they’re giving to their pets.

Some foods are highly toxic to felines.

Tolerance to fruits entirely depends on the personal preference of your pet. Also, typically, cats are not fond of fruits.

Surprisingly, most kitties are enticed with strawberries. Some pet owners even find their pets rubbing their faces on these fruits.

What makes strawberries so appealing to cats? What does this particular fruit have that other fruits don’t?

Are Strawberries Safe for Cats?


According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPA), strawberries are non-toxic to felines.

Now that it is confirmed that strawberries are safe for cats to eat, you might be considering adding this fruit to your pet’s daily diet.

However, don't be too hasty. Strawberries may be safe for cats, but this doesn't mean that you can consider it as an integral part of your pet's diet.

Another question to be answered is – how many pieces of strawberries is considered safe for felines? Also, how often should you let your cat eat strawberries?

All About Strawberries

cats and strawberries

Strawberries are hybrid species of the genus Fragaria. From a biological point of view, strawberry is not a berry, but it's an aggregate accessory fruit.

Most fruits are derived from the plant's ovaries, but strawberry acquires it from the receptacle that holds the ovaries.

One of the most distinguishing features of strawberry is its numerous, tiny seeds that are located outside of the fruit. These apparent seeds are the ovaries of the plant.

There are several varieties of strawberry that are being cultivated in different parts of the world.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, there are 103 distinct species and subspecies of strawberry plants in the US alone.

So there are more than 600 varieties of this fruit in the world. Not only are strawberries delicious but they are also nutritious.

Strawberries also contain high levels of antioxidants.

Are Strawberries Good for Cats?

do cats eat strawberries

Fruits, such as strawberries, should not become a part of their overall diet.

With that being said, let’s settle once and for all that strawberry won’t make your kitty sick if they eat it.

However, this fruit has very little nutritional value to offer to our feline pets.

As a natural carnivore, a cat needs much protein in their diet. Although everyone needs protein, felines have a higher protein requirement than most mammals.

Feline's metabolism breaks down amino acids faster than most animals, so they need more protein in their regular diet.

Unfortunately, strawberry doesn’t have any protein value in it. However, strawberries have high antioxidants value. 

It's true that strawberries are a great source of powerful antioxidants. However, we need to eat a cupful of these fruits to meet the adequate levels of antioxidants.

Naturally, cats cannot eat the same amount of strawberries that we aree eating.

How Many Strawberries Should You Give Them?

do cats eat strawberries

We can now write strawberries out as a good source of nutrients for cats. This fantastic fruit can do miracles to a human's body, but its nutritional value means nothing to a feline.

So what’s the use of feeding them with strawberries then? If your kitty craves for it, there’s nothing wrong with giving strawberry in small quantities.

A tiny slice from a regular-sized strawberry would be enough. As long as they like the taste of strawberry, you can use it as an occasional treat.

If your pet can't seem to get enough of it, keep the fruit away from their view where they won't be able to reach it.

Let us remind you again that eating too many strawberries can cause diabetes, weight gain and tooth decay due to its sugar content.

Do Cats Eat Strawberries?

Cats and strawberries don't seem to mesh well together, considering that felines are natural carnivores and are not a fan of fruits.

Do cats eat strawberries? Well, they’re not supposed to. However, our furry friends can surprise us in many ways. It's safe to assume that cats are indeed the most exciting pets in the world.

Much like humans, felines can either be a conventional type or a maverick type.

Some kitties prefer to stick to a traditional diet and strictly reject anything atypical of their nature.

Moreover, there are also those kitties that choose to think and act outside the box. These are the types of kitties that would dare to try something unconventional.

If your pet is a conventional type, expect it to refuse unusual food such as strawberries. However, if you have a free-spirited kitty, it probably won't mind taking a bite of it.

Why are we telling you this? Because whether or not your pet likes to eat strawberries will depend on its character as a feline.

Sometimes, cats are only attracted by the aroma of strawberry and not by the taste.

They will show their fascination by sniffing on it or by rubbing their bodies against the fruits.

This is probably because strawberries have that pleasant, subtle smell that felines love so much.

As opposed to the robust and tangy aroma of citrus fruits that cats hate so much.

In a feline’s perspective, strawberry is the most agreeable fruit due to its pleasing scent.

However, eating the fruit is a different story. Some kitties may be too enticed with the aroma that they can't help but eat it. Also, there are those that are satisfied just by sniffing it.

Can Kittens Eat Strawberries?

Go ahead and give your kitten a small slice of that juicy strawberry. Rest assured that doing so won’t pose any threat or harm to your beloved feline.

Nevertheless, feed your kitty with strawberries in small quantities and moderation.

Don’t forget that strawberries contain sugar and high consumption could lead to diabetes and other health complications.

Give these fruits as a periodic treat for your kitties and not as a part of their routine diet.

Can pregnant cats eat strawberries?

can kittens eat strawberries

Pregnant cats require higher amounts of protein and calories than the average kitty to sustain their energy during pregnancy.

Only feed a pregnant cat with strawberry when you're sure that it doesn't manifest any adverse reaction to the fruit.

However, do not introduce strawberries (or other fruits) to pregnant cats for the first time. Remember that felines are at their most sensitive state when they’re pregnant.

You need to make sure that they had eaten the fruit before and showed no ill effects afterward.

However, don't take strawberries as their primary source of nutrients. As stated earlier, it should not be included as a part of their diet. 

How to serve strawberries to cats

Recommended serving size for felines is half a regular-sized strawberry a day. Do not go beyond the serving size no matter how much they beg for it.

Remember the potential health risks of you over-feed your kitty with too many strawberries.

Here are some essential tips to consider in serving strawberries to your cats:

  • Remove all the leaves and stems entirely from the fruit
  • Thoroughly wash the strawberries with water to remove pesticide residue and dirt
  • To avoid choking hazards, cut the strawberries into small pieces before giving them to your pet


As long as strawberries are given as a treat, in small portions, and in moderation, cats can eat them safely.

Also, as long as you follow the proper way to serve strawberries to cats, then you don't have to worry about anything.

Sharing your favorite snack with your beloved pet would be nice. However, there are also precautions that you need to keep in mind.

If you’re feeding strawberry to your kitty for the first time, observe any sign of unfavorable response or allergic reactions.

Symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, redness, and blisters appearing on the mouth are apparent signs that your pet cannot tolerate strawberries.

Take your kitty to the vet immediately if symptoms persist. The bottom line is, it's okay to let your kitty eat small pieces of strawberry.

So as long as you follow the recommended daily serving, there would be no problem with this.

However, remember that although strawberry has fantastic health benefits for humans, its nutritional value means nothing to felines.

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