Best Climbing Tree Stand

The big climbers for your large cat: Best climbing tree stand

We know if you are reading this it’s because you most likely love cats! Who wouldn’t? That’s why we wrote this guide about getting the best climbing tree stand for your cat.

Their cuddly nature that makes you want to stroke their shiny fur, their curious and affectionate gazes seem to tell you they know what you’ve been through, and their irresistible levels of cuteness just make them so adorable.

It is thus not surprising that, as a pet parent, you want to ensure your cat’s well-being at all costs.

And because of this, you are probably looking for the best climbing tree stand for your cat.

For non-cat owners, this may seem unnecessary or even a luxury that would just add to the family expenses.

But for cat owners and would-be cat owners, this is a must-have that would enhance the cat’s quality of life!

Unlike us humans who live in the horizontal planes of existence, felines utilize both the horizontal and vertical dimensions of their environment.

More often than not, members of the cat family are inclined to seek refuge more in their vertical environment for comfort, excitement, and safety.

Therefore, providing options that will enable them to act on their primal instincts is crucial to their welfare throughout their nine lives!

They can handy to keep your home from becoming a battlefield of angry cats vying for territory
and dominance.

And what better way to increase these vertical options than to buy the best tree stand? “What’s in it for me and my cat?” you’re probably wondering.

Here is a rundown of the benefits that will convince you why you must purchase the best climbing tree stand as soon as possible.

Where to start...

Cat climbers for large cats

Ensures the cat’s well-being

Cats have three innate characteristics: to hunt, to eat, and to sleep.

But when they are being groomed indoors, opportunities to hunt for food are decreased as they are fed at regular times by their owners.

Despite this, this trait is still deeply embedded in their DNA.

Inhibiting this nature may cause anxiety and behavioral problems in the cat, which may then cause them to be extremely obnoxious beyond our tolerance.

A cat climber will provide them with an environment where
their innate nature for adventure can thrive even in a controlled setting.

Enhances the peace within your home

When you just love cats so much that you actually acquire a clowder, getting the best climbing tree stand is the product necessary to keep the peace within your home.

Just like their other feline relatives, cats are extremely territorial and would fight for dominance when necessary in order to assert their authority.

When there is an atmosphere of intense competition brewing among your pets, your home would be full claw fights and angry purrs! Trust us when we say — you don’t want this.

A cat climber could provide your home with peace through its multiple perches. Rather than resorting to physical confrontations, a cat may just climb to a higher perch to assert its higher status among the other cats.

The opportunity to stake a claim on a vertical territory would dramatically reduce violence among your cats.

Maintains a safe hiding place

If you’ve been living with cats for a considerable amount of time, you probably noticed that cats can disappear suddenly and hide.

This is because cats need a lot of quiet and peaceful time to rest and recharge, especially when they are confronted with a home that could be overstimulating for them. 

Moreover they love to explore. Thus, cats may sometimes hide in places that could be detrimental for their well-being—washing machines, dryers, and even behind electrical appliances.

Therefore getting the best climbing tree stand for your home can provide your cats with a safe place to hide and rest.

This also enables you to keep them close without having to disturb their peace.

Gives security for timid cats

If you are planning to adopt a cat, it is important to know that some cats can be timid when introduced to an unfamiliar setting.

In these instances, cats would require a hiding place where they could observe their surroundings silently and openly to obtain a sense of security.

Giving them the best tree stand possible that will become their territory will enable them to adjust to their surroundings faster and with ease.

Bring additional stimulation

If there’s one thing that’s adorable about cats, it is the fact that they just love to play. They are masters when it comes to inventing games.

They are also fond of climbing high places as they are originally tree-climbing mammals. The best climbing tree stand will provide the added stimulation necessary to keep cats from being bored.

And, misbehaving while enhancing their inherent nature in a safe environment.

Some of these furniture products feature dangling toys and high perches that can reach up to a towering height of 75 inches!

Manages destructive scratching

Cat climbers for large cats

For cat owners, it is common knowledge that these adorable creatures simply love to scratch anything they could lay their paws on!

Sadly, their scratching habits cause damage to home properties and furniture.

It can be an annoying problem, to say the least. This is actually one of the top reasons why cat owners surrender their pets to animal shelters!

But they don’t just do their scratching escapades to annoy you.

Believe it or not, scratching is part of their instinctive nature and the behavior is necessary for them to survive.

Why? Scratching helps maintain their claw health by strengthening and honing their claws or getting rid of dead, old nails.

Scratching is also their way of relieving their stress and marking their territory to keep other cats from invading their turf.

Therefore, it is important that we do not discourage these habits.

Fortunately, these scratching habits can be managed by buying a cat climber.

Most cat climbers have scratching posts which keep them from scratching your sofas, carpets, or walls instead.

And since a cat climber can turn into a familiar territory for them in your home, this will relieve your cat’s stress and anxiety, which will eventually minimize their destructive scratching habits.

Buying Considerations

Now that you have decided to buy a home for your cat, purchasing the best climbing tree stand for your feline friend might prove tougher than it looks.

With a lot of pet companies introducing the so-called “best” cat furniture in the market, it is easy to be overwhelmed and get lost in the sea of choices.

Knowing what you are looking for will help you find the best tree stand suited for your feline’s needs as well as to the design of your home and budget limitations.

Design and structure

Best tree stand

When it comes to choosing the best climbing tree stand, you must first consider the quality of its structure and the materials used.

It is important that it is sturdy enough to support the indicated number of cats staying on the tree.

Furthermore, it is worth considering the design of the furniture in order for it to complement your home interior.


Are you still undecided about the placement of the furniture? Perhaps you’re even planning on moving it from time to time, choosing the best tree stand in terms of weight could be convenient for you.

It is also important to purchase something that could easily be disassembled and assembled when needed.

Also, make sure that the materials are sturdy enough to provide stability for the entire construction process.


There are several types of best tree stand options.

It is essential to note the number of cats, as well as their respective sizes, will help determine the right size and dimensions of the furniture.

And, whether you might need to look at a cat tree for large cats. Make sure that their new home won’t be too cramped, especially for a multi-cat population.

You should also consider its size in relation to your home space.

Make sure it would fit in the room and wouldn’t take too much space from your other furniture as well.

Feline’s age

Cats’ amount and degree of activity vary depending on their age.

If your cat is considerably old or disabled, it is important to buy a cat tree that is not too tall for it to climb.

You may also choose to buy pieces of furniture like a ​cat beds that feature more space for your pet to rest and sleep, such as cubby holes, condos, or hammocks.

On the other hand, if you have a relatively younger feline, you may opt for a taller tree with multiple perches and scratching posts.

If you want to indulge them, you may even buy something that has dangling toys!

Degree of maintenance required

Best tree stand

If you’re a busy bee with a lot of responsibilities and priorities, you wouldn’t want to purchase a type of furniture that is difficult to maintain.

Nor would you want to buy something that requires multiple cleanings in a short amount of time.

It is important to consider cat trees made of materials that are easy to rid of hairs, wastes, and litter.


If you are budget conscious, you may not be able to purchase some of the more expensive products.

That is why when buying what you consider to be the best climbing tree stand, don’t be ashamed to check the price first and make sure that it’s within your budget limit.

But, we wouldn’t advise you to go for the cheapest one, if possible.

It is important that you invest in quality to avoid buying multiple items over a short period of time.

Keep in mind that price doesn’t always equal value and vice versa.

Key Features So what are you supposed to look for when choosing the best tree stand? Here are the features that are found in most, if not all, cat trees in the market.


Cat condos and cubby holes are generally small spaces that serve as the cat’s bedroom.

This is where your cats sleep or nap during their siestas.

Scratching posts

As mentioned earlier, cats naturally love to scratch surfaces in order to stay more agile and healthy, among other reasons.

Having several scratching posts will minimize the possibility of your cats scratching your home furniture and surfaces.

Built-in Toys

Not all cat trees have toys, but there are some companies that install this additional feature in order to enhance stimulation and fun for your cats.

These toys can vary from hanging balls, feathers, and mice. All of these will provide your pet entertainment.


Best tree stand

Since cats are climbers by nature, cat trees feature perches in different levels to keep them stimulated and entertained during their play time.

Furniture design

Not all cat trees are made of similar design and materials.

Some are designed with a style that is akin to home furniture, but they are usually made of wood.

They are designed that way so they could blend in nicely with your other home furnishings and not interfere with the overall interior decoration.

Product Recommendations

To further help you choose the best climbing tree stand for your feline companions, we listed down six of the top products available in the market today.

1. Go Pet Club Cat Tree F49

Features and specifications
  • Premium faux fur for covering
  • High-quality pressed wood board material
  • Free hanging mouse toy
  • arrow-right
    Scratching posts covered in natural sisal rope
  • arrow-right
    Color: Brown
  • arrow-right
    Overall size: 32” W x 25” L x 47.5” H
  • arrow-right
    Top of bed: 14” diameter, 3.5” H
  • arrow-right
    Base Board size: 27” W x 25” L
  • arrow-right
    Maximum capacity: 30.1 lbs.

Provide your feline friends with a cozy and entertaining home with the Go Pet Club Cat Tree F49.

This furniture model features one cubby hole and two perches covered in a faux fur material.​

It is made of pressed wood which has time and again proved to be more durable than the corrugated cardboard that is usually used in cat trees.

It features several scratching posts covered in durable sisal rope. The sisal rope is a coarse natural fiber which simulates the texture and appearance of tree bark.

This makes the product easy to place alongside your other belongings—definitely a strong contender for the title of the best climbing tree stand!


  • The scratching posts are easily turned which gives the cat another surface to scratch on when the other surfaces wear out.
  • It can easily be assembled in 30 minutes, as the user manual is written clearly and concisely.
  • It has a dangling mouse toy which gives more entertainment to the cat.
  • plus
    This model can easily be moved around the house and fits perfectly in any corner.
  • plus
    It is sold at a competitive price.
  • plus
    It is made of durable materials that could last for several years when properly maintained.

  • The mouse toy could easily come off, but you could always reattach it back.
  • It could only fit a small number of cats, up to 30.1 lbs.
  • It has low height measurement, which is not ideal for active cats who like climbing high places.


This model only reaches a height of 46 inches. So if you're looking for higher perches for your cats to climb to, this may not be the perfect option.

Nevertheless, this cat tree is ideal for owners with only a few cats. The condo design provides the cat with a cozy cubby hole in faux fur finish that can warm them up.

The perches at different levels will provide your pet with a lot of room for climbing and exercising.

Plus, the multiple scratching posts will help keep its paws healthy, ensuring that they stay away from your home furniture.

The built-in mouse toy could also stimulate your cat’s hunting instincts without actually having to prey on actual mice.

Features and specs:
  • High-quality construction materials: premium particle board with soft plush finish
  • Scratching posts coiled with imported sisal rope for scratching and biting
  • Wide base board
  • arrow-right
    Solid structure to hold high load capacity up to 40 lbs
  • arrow-right
    Two cubby holes that can hold several cats to play and rest
  • arrow-right
    Comes with built-in hanging fur balls
  • arrow-right
    Big Room: 17.3” L x 10.6” W x 9.8’’ H
  • arrow-right
    Small Room: 10.6” L x 10.6” W x 9.4” H
  • arrow-right
    Overall Size: 19.7” L x 19.7” W x 53.5” H
  • arrow-right
    Round platform diameter: 9.4”
  • arrow-right
    Round platform with fringe diameter: 9.8”
  • arrow-right
    Maximum capacity: 40 lbs.
  • The cat condo has two spacious rooms for several cats to sleep and rest simultaneously.
  • This is ideal for owners with multiple cats, as it could support up to 40 lbs.
  • It has a wide board base to ensure the sturdiness and stability of the furniture.
  • arrow-right
    It is built with hanging fur balls to add more entertainment for the cat.
  • arrow-right
    It has five levels of perches which is great for the cats' climbing exercises.
  • arrow-right
    Scratching posts are covered with sisal rope ideal for scratching and biting.
  • arrow-right
    It is priced competitively in relation to its value.
  • arrow-right
    This model could be easily assembled through its clear and concise directions.
  • This model is made of particle board which is prone to tears and rips.
  • This may not last as long as those made of sturdier materials like wood.
  • Not all scratching posts are covered with sisal rope, so expect those parts to wear off more easily.
Yaheetech 53.5" Multi-level Cat Tree Scratcher Condo Tower with Scratching Post and Toys

The Yaheetech Cat Tree Tower Condo Scratch Post Pet House is the dream house your cat has been wishing for.

It is a playhouse built in premium particle board materials covered with soft plush finish.

But, more than its materials, it’s the features that make this model stand out in comparison to the model mentioned before.

It actually houses two cubby holes, with one giving ample room for several cats to sleep and rest.

It has different levels of perches that reach up to a height of 53.5 inches so that your cats could enjoy climbing up and down while playing with hanging fur balls.

The scratching posts are covered in imported natural sisal rope which is safe for scratching and even biting.

Additionally, it is built with a wide base board to ensure its sturdiness and stability of the construction while the cats play around their haven.

On the other hand, this tree has a maximum capacity of 40 lbs.


Though this model is not as sturdy as those made of wood, this cat condo is ideal for those cat owners with multiple cats.

It has two spacious cubby holes which will give your cats a warm and cozy retreat when they are overwhelmed or whenever they want to rest.

As it has five different levels of perches and two hanging fur balls, your cats will definitely enjoy their playtime as they have the full freedom to climb, bite, and just fool around.

Since it is made of lightweight materials, you can easily move it around your house and fit it in your corners.

Features and specs
  • High-quality board materials made of compressed wood
  • Covering material is made of soft faux fur
  •  Scratching posts are covered with natural sisal rope
  • arrow-right
    Multiple level platform design
  • arrow-right
    Features a hammock, tube tunnel, cat condo, and side basket for resting
  • arrow-right
    Feature a hanging rope for play
  • arrow-right
    Overall Size: 38” W x 27” L x 62” H
  • arrow-right
    Base Board Size: 26” W x 19” L
  • arrow-right
    Size of condo: 10.5" diameter x 12.5" H

Several available colors

  • F67: Beige
  • F68: Brown
  • F69: Blue
  • arrow-right
    F70: Black
  • This model stands at 62 inches tall, which is perfect for cats who love perching in high altitudes.
  • It is the best cat tree for large cats due to its spacious capacity and ability to support up to 42 lbs.
  • arrow-right
    It features a cat bed box, hammock, and side basket that could accommodate all of your cats during sleeping time.
  • arrow-right
    The product comes in several colors that you could choose from to complement your house’s interior design.
  • arrow-right
    It is made of a sturdy compressed wood material, which ensures durability and stability.
  • arrow-right
    It is easy to assemble through a clear and concise users’ manual.
  • Since it is made of compressed wood, it could be heavy and therefore difficult to move around the house.
  • It may take up a lot of space in your house due to its dimensions and height.
  • This is not ideal if you have old cats who are no longer fond of heights.
  • arrow-right
    There are no installed toys, except for a hanging rope.
  • arrow-right
    This may be pricier when compared to other models.

Size of top perch: 13.25" W x 13.25” L x 2.75” H. This product is another Go Pet model, but the product has a multi-level design that will definitely provide a warm and relaxing experience for your cats.

It is one of the best climbing tree stand available. Since this is made of compressed wood, it gives a sturdy and stable construction to the cat

Just like the other models, it is covered in faux fur upholstery. The multiple platforms will also stimulate your cat's adventurous nature, giving room for climbing and playful activities.

The several sisal-covered posts will allow your cat to strengthen and hone their claws or get rid of old and dead nails.

This, in turn, will reduce their stress and anxiety, and prevent them from scratching other home fixtures and surfaces.

This product will create a relaxing and harmonious atmosphere for your cats as there are enough rooms for several felines.

Be it on the top perch or in the cozy cat bed box below, every creature is sure to have their own privacy.


This product will prove to be a great investment if you have a family of felines of varying sizes and ages.

Its multi-level design and spacious rooms will guarantee harmonious camaraderie among your cats.

Plus, the numerous sisal-layered scratching posts will divert your cats’ attention from your other belongings.

However, we would not recommend this for cat owners with only one cat.

As it may demand more from your budget, especially if your cat friend is old enough that it doesn’t fancy high places anymore.

But if you’ve got the budget, it wouldn’t be a crime to indulge your cat in this simple luxury,

Features and specs
  •  Durable board material: compressed wood
  • Surface material: Plush faux fur
  • Scratching posts covered in sisal rope
  • arrow-right
    Features three levels, with a comfortable resting place for your cat at each level
  • arrow-right
    Features one cat bed box, hammock, and basket
  • arrow-right
    Approximate tree dimensions: 25.25” L x 18.5” W x 62” H
  • Since this is made of wood, it is sturdier, more durable and has a more stable base compared to cat trees made of board.
  • This model is beneficial for owners with multiple cats due to its roomy quality.
  • It has different levels of perches, which could encourage your cats’ playful nature.
  • arrow-right
    There are numerous scratching posts for your cats to release their stress onto or strengthen their paws.
  • arrow-right
    Its light beige color gives off a calming appearance to your home’s interior space.
  • arrow-right
    It is easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Since it is 62 inches tall and made of wood, it could be heavy and hard to transfer to another location in the house.
  • Because of its dimensions, it may take a lot of space in your home.
  • There are no dangling toys, except for a hanging rope.
  • arrow-right
    This could be pricier than other similar models.
PARTYSAVING PET PALACE 62" Cat Tree Kitten Activity Tower Condo with Hammock, Deluxe Scratching Posts, and Rope, APL1354

If you are looking for cat climbers for large cats, this cat condo is one of the best climbing tree stand you will find in the market!

Unlike the previous models, this has a whopping height of 62 inches, which is ideal for large cats who are into climbing high places.

It is also made of compressed wood, which makes the construction durable and stable.

Plus, the furniture’s faux fur finish will enhance the spa-like comfort your beloved cat friends deserve.

What's more amazing about this product is its tall perches. It features four roomy levels with a flat top perch that is both spacious and comfortable, perfectly designed for a cat's rest.

This cat tree has a smaller tunnel hideout attached to it where the cat can settle down and relax after an afternoon of climbing and jumping.

It might not have any dangling toys but the cats would definitely enjoy playing with the hanging rope.

And when it’s time to succumb to their siestas, the hanging hammock and the side basket will  give them a cozy and luxurious place to nap, while gently swinging all their stress away.

This model is manufactured by Party saving, a company dedicated to creating quality items at competitive prices. There is no need to worry about overpriced quality items for your feline companions!


We don’t recommend this for budget-conscious owners with one cat nor to those with multiple cats who are not fond of heights.

However, this is the best climbing tree stand to buy for pet parents owning a clowder!

This multi-level furniture will decrease the competition among your cats and provide your family with a less stressful parent–pet relationship.

Since there are several scratching posts covered in sisal rope, your cats’ tendency to scratch on your sofas, walls or bags will eventually be minimized.

Plus, the various cat adventures this furniture could offer will help lessen your cats’ anxiety and even unlock their fun and playful nature.

Features and specs
  • Durable compressed wood for board material
  • Scratching posts covered by natural sisal rope.
  • Soft faux fur finish
  • arrow-right
    Features two dangling mouse toys
  • arrow-right
    Features two spacious condos and three top perches
  • arrow-right
    Product dimension: 15” W x 34” L x 20” H
  • arrow-right
    Weight: 36 lbs.
  • arrow-right
    Color: Beige
  • arrow-right
    Overall Size: 50” W x 26” L x 72” H
  • arrow-right
    Base Board: 28” W x 24” L
  • arrow-right
    Condo 1: 20” W x 15” L x 11.5” H
  • arrow-right
    Condo 2: 15” W x 12” L x 10” H
  • arrow-right
    Top 3 Perches: 13.5” W x 13.5” L x 2.5” H
  • It has a towering height of 72 inches which is conducive for your cats’ climbing adventures.
  • Includes 10 scratching posts that will help maintain your feline’s paw health while turning their attention away from your other pieces of furniture.
  • The product features multiple perches at six levels, which is ideal for pet parents owning multiple cats of different age and sizes.
  • arrow-right
    It features two spacious cubby holes which could accommodate multiple cats at the same time, making it one of the best cat trees for big cats.
  • arrow-right
    It has two dangling mouse toys to encourage your cats’ hunting and playful instincts without them having to catch an actual mouse.
  • It requires more space due to its spacious dimension and towering height.
  • Though this can be assembled easily, it may be hard to move it to a different location as its materials are made of compressed wood.
  • This is the most expensive among the rest of the models featured here.
  • arrow-right
    It is not ideal for single cat owners who are budget conscious.

One of the best cat climbers for large cats available in the market is this Go Pet Club furniture.

Among the cat trees featured in this list, this is the tallest at a height of 72 inches.

But aside from the altitude, there are several features that will guarantee your cats' utmost happiness.

These include the model's six-level design and multiple perches and condos that provide a space where they could relax and have fun at the same time.

Another Go Pet Club product, this furniture will prove to be one of the best cat trees for big cats.

It is made of durable compressed wood material covered with relaxing faux fur upholstery.

It also has ten posts layered with sisal rope, so you can rest assured that your cats will finally leave your most valued home furniture alone!

Though it doesn't have any hammocks or other fancy features, it has two hanging mouse toys which will keep your playful cats entertained at their most active hours.


Just like the two previous furniture models, this furniture is ideal for pet parents who own a number of cats.

Moreover, it is the best cat tree for large cats due to its multiple perches and huge weight capacity.

Sure, this could be pricier compared to the other models.

But when you take into consideration the benefits and fun this could give your cats, the outcome will eventually outweigh its cost!

The light beige color of this furniture will also add a warm vibe to your home’s interior.

Features and specs
  • Three-level platform design
  • Seven scratching posts made of paper tubes layered with jute ropes
  • Features a round top perching platform that could serve as a bed for the cat to rest
  • arrow-right
    Square-shaped base to ensure the stability of the furniture
  • arrow-right
    Made of premium medium-density fireboard
  • arrow-right
    Covered in high-quality carpet upholstery
  • arrow-right
    Measures 17.7” L x 17.7” W x 45.9” H
  • This product offers three levels of platforms in a tiered effect for large cats to jump or climb to without much effort.
  • This is also made of compressed wood covered with carpet upholstery for your cat’s maximum comfort.
  • It features a square-shaped base for stability and curved top rim which is perfect for cats who would like to rest in between plays.
  • arrow-right
    This is ideal for pet parents with one large cat.
  • arrow-right
    It is made of lightweight materials, which could easily be moved to different locations within the house.
  • arrow-right
    Due to its minimal dimensions, it can perfectly fit in any corner of the house.
  • arrow-right
    It is priced competitively.
  • Unlike sisal, jute has softer natural fibers, which may not be able to endure multiple scratching from the cat over a long period of time.
  • It is not ideal for owners with multiple and hyperactive cats who prefer higher places and more excitement.
AmazonBasics Cat Tree with Scratching Posts - Large

Sure, it is true that this last model doesn’t quite compare to the previous models when it comes to the number of perches or relaxing rooms for rest.

But this Amazon Basics cat tree has its own perks and advantages that makes it one of the best climbing tree stand options on the market.

Especially for pet parents whose cats are not actually looking for fun and excitement but rather a resting place or a surface to scratch.

When cats age, they are more likely to look for places situated at lower levels as they want to rest more than they want to play.

Instead of risking the cat’s welfare outside of your home where a lot of threats await, why not invest in this cat activity tree? 

This will provide your feline friend with scratching posts to sharpen their claws and a relaxing place to rest during naptime.

Since it features a three-level design, your cat could still exhibit its climbing and jumping skills when it feels up to the challenge!


This model is clearly not designed for pet owners who own multiple cats.

But if you’re a parent to only one cat, then this might be the best climbing tree stand.

It still has its exciting features —a three-level design at 46 inches tall and a comfortable resting perch at the top — which could still stimulate your cat’s natural instincts for high places while keeping your budget in check.


Cats are not just animals that need to be fed at regular schedules! Just like us humans, they are special creatures who also need a place to call home.

And it’s not just any home — it must be warm, cozy, and comfortable enough for them to express their individual personalities and relieve their stress and anxiety.

It must be a home where they can grow with minimal worries of possible threats. 

That is why, as a cat parent or would-be parent, it is crucial we pay careful attention to their needs for both shelter and entertainment.

Buying them the best climbing tree stand not only expresses our concern for them but also relays a message that we value their company.

And sure enough, choosing the best climbing tree stand for your cat’s needs may prove to be a daunting task.

But with diligent research and wise decision-making, you can provide a proper home for the four-legged member of the family with the best climbing tree stand possible.

For more buying guides and reviews try to check out Miauland.

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